Know the Facts and How to Drive Winged Termites from Your Home

Laron (winged termites) is a metamorphosis of termites. The presence of termites is quite detrimental, especially if the animals that enter the order Blattodea (cockroach) is eating wood in your home.

In addition, the larvae are the animals that surround the light source, but only one night’s life. After dawn, the larons will die and the carcasses are scattered under the lights of your house.

In addition to appearing in certain seasons, the laron can also be a sign that the presence of termites in your home. Know the facts and how to get rid of the laron that Termite Insect give the following so you are free from this animal disorder.

The Facts About Laron

1. Laron is a metamorphosis of termites

Not many people know that the actual laron is termite. Yes, termites are known as harmful insects because they can eat wood that is the foundation of the house. Therefore, there are so many termite eradication services that are mushrooming in Indonesia. Read Also : Repairing Termite Damaged Wood Floor

While still a termite, this animal still has no wings. Only after adult laron will have wings and fly out of its nest.

2. Laron can not see and hear
Did you know that basically larons are animals that are blind and deaf. Laron can neither see nor hear, but this animal can make a nest with a unique construction.

At the time of the rainy season, winged adult larons will come out near the light source to warm themselves. So, these animals do not come close to light based on what you see, but from how they feel. Read Also : 6 Facts and Information About Queen Termites

3. Looking for a partner close to the light source
Not just just warms the body, the laron will come out near the light source to find a partner. Laron who finds a partner will immediately leave his colony to find a new nest and reproduce to form a new colony.

4. Laron only live one night only
If there is a laron that managed to find a partner and reproduce, then how the fate of a laron who did not find a partner on their night out looking for a light source?

The fate of the laron is quite tragic because it will die on that night too. So, you can say that larons spend their lives as termites that continue to eat wood, then on the first day out they can have a risk of death if not getting a partner.

5. Colonized creatures are divided into several castes
Before it becomes a laron, termites live in colonies in wood or underground. Inside a colony is a termite queen capable of laying up to 30,000 eggs a day.

Meanwhile, there are also termites in the warrior caste in charge of keeping the nest and queen laying eggs. Then, termites with the smallest head should work to make nests and gather food.

How to Drive Laron from Home

In general, the larvae will come out looking for a light source at the beginning of the rainy season. However, do not close the possibility when the laron out in the summer. If the laron does not come out during the rainy season, pay attention to your other neighbor’s house. The reason, if the laron is only in your house, then there could be a termite nest in your home. Read Also : How To Removal Termites At Indoor Quickly and Effectively

Want to find a way to get rid of the laron from your house quickly? Let’s follow some of the following tips:

1. Trap with water
How to get rid of this one laron proved powerful though it looks simple. You must create a trap for the laron by utilizing the water medium.

The trick is to put water in a bucket. Then, place the bucket of water under the light to light the light reflecting off the water. Wait a few moments then the laron will approach the boon reflection in the water. When approaching the water, the larvae will fall and die pooled over the water.

2. Hang hanging red pepper
Red chili may not be too spicy for humans. However, the scent of this chilli is very spicy so that makes the laron will fall. All you need is a large red chili split into two, but with a fixed position together.

After that, hang the red chili near the lights. As a result, the laron that comes to the light will feel hot due to the scent issued red chili.

3. Spray insecticide
By using insecticides, you can eradicate all the larons along with the termites in your home. All you have to do is find a termite nest in order to destroy the population.

Then, spray the hive with an insecticide to make sure there is no termite population in it. In addition, you can spray this insecticide directly toward the laron that is gathered near the light of the lamp.

4. Call termite repellent service

Already despair when looking for ways to get rid of the right laron? It is time for you to consider the use of termite repellent services are widely spread in Indonesia. This termite repellent service will eradicate the laron when it is still a wing. Using these services, the population of the larvae will decrease over time.

5. Turn off the lights
Given the laron is an animal that always berkoloni warmed his body, then think to turn off the light that became the source of light that attracted the attention of the laron. Although you have to darken a bit, but this way is quite powerful enough to make this laron flock out of your house. Turn off the lights around the house to let the laron away from your home.


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