10 Tips How To Remove Termites Naturally

Termite is one of the problems that often found in homes or furniture made from wood. In addition to annoying, the existence of termites also make home materials and furniture made of wood so not durable.

Actually there are many ways to eradicate termites, but should not rely on chemical drugs as a way to eradicate termites because of the health risks it causes. Conversely, how to kill termites is naturally considered safer. For those of you who have similar problems, let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to eradicate termites naturally below!

1. How to Eradicate the Most Basic Termites: Do not Stingy Ventilation!

Termites tend to like a damp and minimal sun. If you have a house and lots of furniture made of wood, then the first way to kill the termites is to build adequate ventilation so that sunlight can enter into every corner of the house. That way, wood furniture will not be easy to eat termites.

If some wooden furniture is already attacked by termites, then the way to eradicate the next termites is to dry the furniture in an open area. This facilitates direct sunlight to kill termites.

2. Use Air Conditioning

As has been said before, termites like a damp place. Therefore, exposing it to extreme temperatures is one of the most effective ways to kill termites.

Besides heated in the sun, cooling the room is also a way of eradicating the termites are powerful. You can adjust the air conditioner to the lowest temperature.

Temperature displacement suddenly becomes cold will kill termites easily. If necessary, remove the termite-infested furniture in a room with air conditioning.

3. Installing Traps with Cartons

There is one way to get rid of termites without the need to remove the furniture for drying or cooling, by setting traps. How to eradicate the following termites is to wet the cardboard. No need to be very wet, just make the cardboard so damp.

Before committing to this termite eradication, you should know in advance where the termite nest is. Place the cardboard there until the wood-like smell comes out of the box and lure the termites toward it.

When termites are busy eating cellulosic cardboard, move the cardboard to a large and safe place to burn cardboard and its termites.

4. Clean the yard from the puddle

Where there is a puddle of water, that’s where termites will multiply. How to eradicate termites from the outside of the house is to prevent the existence of puddles, either in the yard or ditch.

How to eradicate termites is necessary especially when the rainy season. Instead of having lots of puddles, it’s good that your home page has a rainwater container like a pond for easy cleaning. Also clean the gutters regularly, other than as a way to eradicate termites, can also eradicate mosquitoes.

5. Creating a Soap Water Spray

How to eradicate termites this one is easy to do with the materials that exist in your own home. You simply provide an empty spray bottle, liquid soap and water.

The way to mix four tablespoons of liquid soap and a glass of water, shake until fused. After that, insert the soap solution into a spray bottle. Spray the soap solution in the area attacked by termites.

This way of eradicating termites aims to disrupt the termite’s breathing system, so termites will die by themselves. Do this way of terminating this one several times a day until termites are killed completely.

6. Make a Salt Solution

Another way to kill termites is to make salt solution. In principle, this way of eradicating termites is the same as making a soap solution.

First, dissolve a bowl of salt with half a liter of water. The goal is to make a high concentration of saline solution.

After that, put the salt solution into the spray bottle. Sprinkle the salt solution on the termites so that the termites will suffocate. How to eradicate termites this one is easy and cheap is not it?

7. How to Eradicate a Powerful Termite with a Whiting Lime

Rather than the previous two solutions, making a whiting solution is actually the most powerful way to kill termites. The betel lime solution is famous not only as a means of rooting out termites, but also potentially killing other insects.

Disinfecting termites with a solution of whiting also can kill termite larvae, so how to eradicate termites this one has a thorough impact. The thing you need to do is mix the whiting with water and spray on the termite nest.

Spray also elsewhere so that termites do not move. Usually it only takes once spraying.

8. Worm Nematodes to Eradicate Termites

It has long been known that nematode worms are used as a means of eradicating potent termites. Nematode worms are a reliable parasite in eradicating insects.

Nematode worms can usually be found in the garden or the yard. But if you find it difficult to find it, it would not hurt to buy a nematode worm at an animal feed shop.

You just put the nematode worms on the furniture that is attacked by termites, and let the nematode worms eat them out. The nematode worms may also eat the termite larvae.

9. Eradicate Termites at Home with Diatoms Land

If your house is vulnerable to termites, you may have to try diatomic ground to kill termites. The soil of diatoms can make the termites erode and dry, that’s why termites always stay away from diatoms.

You can sprinkle diatomaceous earth on wooden window frames. Attic of wooden house also not to be missed from diatom ground sprinkling.

The most important thing, sprinkle the diatomic soil around the house. Especially at the entrance. This not only involves eliminating highways, but also preventing termites from entering the house.

10. Orange oil, How to Eradicate Termites on Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is attacked by termites? Do not be afraid your food is poisoned by killing the following termites. One thing you need to prepare is orange oil.

Because of its natural ingredients, you should not be afraid that the residue will adversely affect the health of the family if exposed to food. Can be spelled orange oil as a natural pesticide because it can prevent and kill termites when contact occurs.

Orange oil is useful as a way of eradicating termites by inhibiting termites to eat wood furniture and prevent termites laying so slowly the number of termites will decrease.

This method is not as effective as other ways, but relatively safe. To do this termite eradication, you need to apply orange oil many times until the termites die completely.

During the rainy season, humid air is inevitable. The arrival of termites is often unavoidable. But now you know 10 tips how to eradicate termites naturally. In addition to the ingredients are easy to get and easy to practice, how to eradicate termites naturally this also does not drain your wallet, right? Do not forget to check out other interesting tips on Termite Insect!

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