5 Signs of Termites In Your Home And How To Remove Termites Effectively

To avoid your home from termites, need a way to eradicate termites that can effectively keep away termites or other insects. There are two types of termites, namely dry wood termites and soil termites. Dry wood termites are active or like on the ground and live completely in the wood they hide. While the soil termites, live underground and explore the building structure from below. Termites need lots of moisture, and they make tunnels from the ground to wander and protect themselves from dehydration.

Both types of termites eat wood in your house, which can ultimately damage the strength of the building. Here are the signs of the presence of termites you need to know in order to avoid termites from home and make the house safe:

  • Wood damage, this is the most known sign of the presence of termites, termites eat wood to large holes. If you find wood on your building quickly traced its origin, and open the hole of the wood.
  • Small eggs like brown sand, these eggs appear mysterious and this is the dried termites of dry wood.
  • The tunnel from the ground that creeps upward, usually attached to a wall or pole, this sign is a ground termite invading wood frame or pole of your house.
  • Laminate sagging wood flooring, or like going peeling and bumpy, this is a sign that termites are working under your wood floor.
  • Unexplained cracks, usually appearing on exterior and interior walls, ceilings, beams, and gauze blocks, and wooden fences, could mean termites present.

What is the effective termite eradication that should be done if your furniture, frame or building is attacked by termites? If you feel that the wood has been attacked by termites, In order not to cluster in your home, take these precautions:

  1. Schedule termites for 2-3 years, because termites can do significant damage within 2 years.
  2. Stop leakage on your plumbing (underground termites like moisture).
  3. Fill all the gaps in the foundation, with concrete, stone, and around your roof.
  4. Avoid accumulation of moisture around the foundation of your home. Keep gutters and other water sources. Clean around the house from the debris does not invite termites. When watering the flower next to your house, try not to board plaster or wet wood.
  5. Keep the base of the air vents fully exposed (not overgrown with shrubs) to keep the moisture down.
  6. Fix a damaged roof or duct on top of the tile to avoid waterlogging, which acts as a point of entry for moisture for termites.
  7. Make sure no wood in your house is in direct contact with the ground. There should be at least 18 inches (usually concrete) slits between the ground and any wood.
  8. Use the best anti-termite wood in Indonesia that is currently booming, namely BioCide Wood Fungicide. Once you’ve done the previous steps, it’s important to give the best anti-termite medication in Indonesia for longer protection.

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