6 Facts and Information About Queen Termites

Termites are a very big problem for most property owners in the United States. In fact, termites weigh on property owners for about $ 5 billion worth of damages every year and more than 600,000 homes affected. With this amount of money and damage, one would wonder how termites spread rapidly and cause so much destruction. The answer?

1. Termite Colony Structure

To understand what the role of queen termites is, we must first understand the social structure of the termite colony. The most common types of termites in the United States are, underground wood and dry wood. Termites like underground termites, live in colonies, which are unusual from most social insects, such as caterpillars or beetles.

However, what distinguishes the underground termites from other insects is that each termite is designated as a task in the colony. Termites work together in their different roles (workers, soldiers, reproduction) that benefit the colony as a whole.

2. How do termites become queens?

Colonies usually begin when the king and queen release their wings to start a family. This occurs when male and female termites are capable of reproducing flies clustered together. Once the herd is over, couples termites, kings and queens, will settle in places where there is a source of wood and other necessities to survive.

3. How long does the termite queen live?

Most American termite queens can live up to 20 years, considering the species. Termites can not reproduce until the colony is at least three years old. A queen underground may only lay three eggs in the first year of the colony alone, while the Formosa queen can put 15-30 eggs.

4. How do termites reproduce?

Reproduction of termites may differ from species to species, subterranean termites, which constitute 95% of the US termite population will produce more winged fishermen. These swarmers will eventually become kings and queens. These prescribed termites will lose their wings after they find a partner.

5. What is termite queen like? Queen of termites

While the termites of the king will remain the same after their wings are gone, the queen will swell the size as she begins to reproduce. Over the years this type of queen termite will span to 14.5mm and can produce up to 500 breeds a year!

6. How many years does it take for termites to damage property?

There’s a good reason why termites are called “silent killer” insects, and that’s because the colonies can take up to five years before they start doing damage. Today’s colonies can have up to 60,000 workers with their soldiers partying with full wood.

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