6 Ways to Terminate Termites On The House Roof Quickly and Super Powerful

How To Erase Termites On The Roof Home must be true you notice that these disruptive animals are not wandering in your home. A comfortable home is the home of dreams for everyone. Therefore to realize a comfortable dwelling we must be very clever take care. Especially wood-based houses should be handled specifically and well. Wood is vulnerable to be visited and attacked by termites if not appropriate in handling. Termites are animals that are considered very disturbing and detrimental because their existence is indirectly destructive like pests. The roof of the house is an inaccessible part to be cleaned so that termites prefer to settle on the roof that is considered more secure and more comfortable to avoid human disturbance.

How To Erase Termites On The Roof Home

Remember the term prevent better than cure right? In this topic it fits a sentence like this, preventing it better than rooting out. Well, that sentence can be applied in the handling of wood for home roof raw materials so as not easily accessed by termites. If termites have settled on the roof of your house, do not think this is unimportant and trivial.

Precisely this can be said something serious and should be dealt with as early as possible and as soon as possible so that bad things do not happen to our homes and ourselves.

Termites who have settled and formed large colonies on the roof of the house for a long time of course very dangerous for the inhabitants of the house itself. Because in the long term the termites will continue to eat away at the roof of the house and eventually the wood will rot. The impact caused without you realize is the roof can collapse at any time. It is very threatening and also very dangerous for the residents of the house. Do not want that to happen to your home is not it? Let’s see a few tips to avoid and eradicate termites in the roof of the house. (read also: How To Remove Wood Termites On Door Frame)

1. Applying Tinner to Wood

Application of tinner on the wood that will be used as raw material for making roof of the house was quite effective to avoid and prevent the coming of termites. Why is that? because the tinner’s scent is so stinging and sharp it is the cause why tinner is not liked by termites. The way to stay just rub the wood by using a brush that has been dipped into the tinner.

Make sure in the process of tinner on the wood has been done evenly and thoroughly in every part of the wood that will be used as a roofing material. Once considered sufficient, the wood can be dried first until the tinner dries and can seep with the maximum and perfect before being installed as a roofing material. (Read Also:How To Termite Pest Control On Rubber Plant)

2. Application of Rinse Water on Wood-based Roof Roof

This way is also not much different like previous ways. How to apply rice washing water is by applying thoroughly and evenly on the wooden roof of the house. No one would have thought if the rice wash water that had been considered useless and always thrown away has great benefits that can be used and can help you to eradicate termites that have been lodged in the roof.

3. Application of Kerosene on Wood-based Roofs

In the process of applying kerosene is not much different from the application of tinner on the roof of the house. If this has happened, as soon as possible to do a good handling and check every corner of the roof of your house. If the condition is not severe you can apply kerosene by smearing all parts of the wood using a brush.

This method is effective enough to eradicate and repel termites from the roof of your home. If the condition of the wood has been visible severe (weather), it would be nice to replace your old wood with a new one to prevent the worst that will happen to you at any time of the roof of your house. Do not let things that do not want to happen to your family.

4. Application of Water of Lime Betel on Wood-based Roof

This way is also not much different like previous ways. How to apply water whiting by whitening or spraying thoroughly on the roof of your house. Particularly on the part that is suspected there are many nesting termites and it should be more content of spraying and spraying of betel lime water. Sensitive termite peels (soft and thin) will be easier to interact with, exposed to heat that is the property of own chalk. Thus termites would inevitably die from exposure to heat from chalk.

5. Application of Salt Solution Water on Wood-based Roofs

This way is also not much different like previous ways. How to apply salt water solution by means of polishing or spraying thoroughly on the roof of your house, especially on the part that is suspected there are many termites that nest and it should be more levels of application and spraying. In order for termites to completely disappear, it would be nice to do this way over and over again and diligently clean on the roof of your house. (Read Also: Termite Pest Control Pre-Construction Your House)

6. Eradicate Termites Using Insecticides and Poison Foam

Today, a popular and commonly used product among the wider community is insecticide and toxic foam which is one of the most useful products in the process of eradicating termites down to its roots. However, when using insecticides and toxic foams, then you should empty your house first for a certain period of time to prevent the adverse effects of insecticides and toxic foam if inhaled by our breathing.

The current insecticidal form sold in the market is in the form of gases and liquids. Another case with poison foam, in the process of eradicating and killing termites, poison foam can be applied by rubbing or paste on the wood thoroughly so that it can seep into the wood maximally and termites will die. The use of insecticides or poison foam can be used as a reference for you in the effort to eradicate termites very easily, quickly, and effectively in the tempo or long time span. The thing you should also note is that cleanliness becomes one of the main factors to prevent the coming back of termites in your home.

Up here first, that’s a little discussion on how to root termites on the roof of the house. It also makes us to pay more attention and care for the house. Sweep the house with a broom twice a day. Then also clean the roof of the house using a long broom at least once a month. May be useful.

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