8 Ways to Eradicate Termites In The Easiest and Most Powerful Wood Wardrobe

How to Eradicate Termites In the wardrobe you should also note in addition to How To Eradicate Termites On House Roof Using wood furniture would be the choice of many people, although today there are many other materials other than wood that can be used. All of these things would be the main attraction, considering the plastic furniture is more practical and even easier to maintain. For some people who prefer the practical thing, obviously the choice to use plastic furniture will be widely considered

How To Erase Termites In The Wardrobe

All the advantages contained in wood furniture, obviously will be directly proportional to the value and price is quite high in the market. This is certainly very reasonable, considering the process of manufacture and raw materials are also fairly expensive.

Some wooden furnishings can not even be made using machines and are still shaped manually, so it is reasonable to appreciate high enough in the market. If you see the high price, it is clear that these various furniture must be maintained and treated with the maximum. We certainly do not want to lose, due to poor maintenance on the furniture we have, right?

Among the commonly used wood furnishings, wood cabinets are one of the most popular and widely used by people. Its sturdy body and can be formed according to taste, became one of the reasons why up to now wood cabinets still have many fans. But as with all other wood furnishings, wood cabinets are also very susceptible to termite interference and moisture problems, so it is clear that this furniture will require extra care from the owner. This termite interference will make the cabinets easily rotten and even damaged in a short time, that’s why it is very important to always keep the condition of the closet is always termite free. For that, always overcome the termite interference in the closet with the right steps. (Read also: How to Clean Electric Ovens) Here is how to root termites in cabinets, so the furniture is free from termite interference:

1. Install the Cardboard Trap

To be able to do this way, of course we must know well where the termite nest. This will make the process easier, with less time. If the termite nest is known, immediately grab some used cardboard sheets and wet with water (not too long, so the cardboard texture is not damaged by water). Once wetted, place the cardboard around the termite nest area, so the termites can find it easily.

As we know, termites like to eat cellulose, and this is contained in the cardboard. Allow the boxes around the nest area for several hours, so termites come and start eating them. If the termite group has gathered and consumed the cardboard section, immediately lift it to a safe place, and burn the cardboard along with the termites there.

Do this carefully, so that the fire does not spread and spread elsewhere. If there are other termites in the place, then do and repeat the steps above, until the termites run out and do not come back again.

2. Use Boric Acid

Boric acid or also known as Boric Acid is a commonly used chemical compound into a liquid insect repellent material such as termites. It is appropriate to use this material in terminating the termites in the wood cabinets, because Boric Acid does work quickly and successfully overcome termites easily in a short time. Liquid Boric Acid and put in a spray container, making it easier to use. This fluid will overcome termites quickly, and shut down, so no need to wait a long process after using it in termite nest.

3. Give cold temperatures

As with other insects, termites prefer a slightly moist and less cold condition. For that, the choice of cooling is an extreme step that can make termites die instantaneously. Try to turn on the Air Conditioner (AC) in the room with the winged cabinet, and set the temperature to the smallest number. If the room does not use AC, then there is no harm to move while the cabinet to the room with AC. This extreme temperature change (from moist to cold), will make the termites die easily and quickly. This will help to deal with termites in large numbers though, so the cabinets are clean and termite free.

4. Use salt solution

To overcome termites, we can also use the salt of the kitchen. In addition to easy, this one way also spelled out frugal and cheap. Liquid bowl of salt with half a liter of water, so the salt content is still high and can work with the maximum in termites. Spray the liquid on the termites, and make sure all termites contained in the cabinet are sprayed evenly. This fluid will make the termites limp and die after a while its use, so the problem of termites in this cabinet can be overcome very well and quickly.

5. Warming with the sun

Termites like the place moist and away from the warmth of sunlight, because these insects will usually live in a dark place and away from bright light. This is what can be used as consideration in overcoming the problem of termites in cabinets. Move the cabinets to sun-exposed areas, so the termites in the cabinet are blurred and will not come back. It would be better if the cabinet is dried in the front yard or backyard, so the cabinets can get direct sunlight and termites can be overcome in a short time. If dried, usually termites will die and resolved very well, because the generally these termites will not return to the closet again.

6. Use tobacco bath water

How to Eradicate Termites In Cabinets can be overcome by using tobacco immersion water, because this fluid is very powerful to kill termites in a fast period of time. Take a handful of tobacco and soak it in water for several hours, so the water becomes a strong bararoma tobacco solution. If it’s been long enough, separate the tobacco dregs with the soaking water. Take a spray, then put the tobacco bath water into the spray. Find the termite nest in the closet, and spray it evenly on the winged cabinet. Spray parts of the nest and also all termites contained in the cabinet, so that no termites or termite eggs that escape from this spraying process. If less, re-spray an hour after the first spray, to ensure that all termites will die and no longer remain.

7. Use Nematode Worms

Nematode worms are one of many parasites that feed on small animals around them. Although parasitic, but this worm is also widely used to overcome various parasitic disorders around us, including the disruption caused by termites wood. If it is difficult to find this worm directly on the garden area or home page, then there is no harm to buy it. Find and buy these worms at animal feeder stalls, because they will usually sell them.

Place the worms on the winged cabinet, so that the parasite can eat and finish the job well. Nematodes will eat up all the termites around it, so the problem of these winged cabinets will be overcome immediately. Not only that, the nematode worm will even eat up all the termite larvae contained in the cabinet and make the wardrobe clean from termites. The ability of nematodes certainly no doubt, since long worms are often used as an insect repellent tool, such as termites and others.

8. Use the whiting liquid

Similar to other types of liquids, betel fluid is also very powerful to overcome the problem of termites in the cabinet. Since long whiting is often used to overcome the problem of termites, including termites contained in the furniture such as cabinets and other shelves. This liquid will be hot and make the termites die instantaneously, even those still in the form of larvae though. Buy and mix the whiting with a glass of water, then stir until evenly and in the form of a thick white liquid.

Put this whiting liquid into the spray, so it can be easier to use on parts of the winged cabinets. Begin spraying on the termite nest, so the flock of termites in it can die and not spread everywhere. After that, do spraying on other parts that are considered necessary, so that the termites do not move and nest on the new sides of the cabinet. Usually, this spraying does not need to be repeated again, because termites will be handled properly at first spraying time alone.

If the cabinet is free from termites, then avoid to store it in a humid room and less sunlight. So that’s how to get rid of termites in your closet. So keep in mind the cleanliness and moisture of your closet as well. Do not let your cabinet into a place of termite nest.

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