Advantages of Wood Resistant Termite

One of the factors that influence the success of the process of preserving the wood is a kind of Wood Resistant Termite preservative. Preservatives are preferred which are systemic toxic and if the anti-fungus must last long.

The preservation process is an attempt to maintain or extend the life of wood use value both chemically and physically by increasing its resistance to the attack of wood destructive organisms. Timber preservation efforts have long been implemented, but in its journey many face obstacles and obstacles so that existing wood preservation of small, medium, and large scale does not develop as expected. (Read Also: How To Termite Pest Control On Rubber Plant)

Another purpose of wood preservation is to extend the life of wood in order to reduce usage costs. The cost will be even higher if we do not avoid frequent replacements in permanent or semi-permanent construction. In order for wood preservation activities do not require a high cost, it is necessary a simple preservation method. One such simple preservation method is the cold soaking method. This process consists of soaking wood in a preservative solution for several days or even weeks.

One of the factors that influence the success of wood preservation process is the type of preservative. Especially for handling anti-fungal mushrooms subtrat it is necessary to preserve wood from BioCide anti-termite wood preservative manufacturer.

Concentration of Anti-Fungus Preservative Solution Based on Weather

The growth of blue stain fungus will stop at 35 ° C. Most will die, if given the temperature in a long time. In addition to conditioning the room or production house remains dry, we also need antifungal wood preservatives. Anti-fungus is called BioCide Wood Fungicide, active in a long time.

In addition to wood, Biocide Wood Fungicide can be used on wood media (logs and sawn), bamboo, natural fiber, rattan. This wood preservative product can be dissolved with water or oil (solvent). In the dry season, the concentration of the solution is 1.5% and the rainy season is 2.5%. Soak wood in the concentration, after 2 weeks to 1 month, drain and clean the tub. (Read Also : How To Termite Pest Control On Rubber Plant)

Anti Fungus Which Is Suitable For Industry

These chemicals are very effective for preventing the growth of mushrooms. Thus, wood or other media has a longer life span. This material is very suitable for the timber industry which has a very large stock of wood.

Furniture or building production houses can try it by contacting the contacts listed on this website. This anti-termite wood preservative invites you to prove how a destructive wood dye mushroom can be overcome in the long run. With good preservation, wood will be potential. In addition to being assessed potential, in fact the wood is able to supply the needs of the furniture industry is increasing. In fact, this time the material has also started to be used as indoor wood flooring as well as decking.


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