Attack Termite and Pest Control Your Home

Termites according to Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia is a social insect member of the Isoptera nation that is widely known as an important pest of human life. Termites nest in and eat wood furnishings or home frameworks that cause economic losses. Termites, although classified as insects with a very small physical form but have the ability to destroy and destroy a house or building. Due to its ability to damage your home building, termites become the biggest enemy to watch out for before termites really damage your home. Its lavish eating of wood can cause your wood-damaged material especially damaged, and will gradually fragile some parts of your house.

Not many know the way of prevention and control. Because the longer termites are left in your environment, the more likely they are to cause further damage. There are a variety of simple ways that can be done to prevent termites from attacking the house and damage the parts inside, but the most important thing is to keep the house clean and always make sure that no part of the house is left in humid conditions for too long.

How Termites Destroy Your Home?

This type of insect is not familiar with the compromise and will damage the parts of the house and goods in the house. Various types of goods inside the house vulnerable to termite attack are: furniture, books, electrical wires, telephones, and items stored in a humid room and rarely cleaned. To reach its target, soil termites can penetrate the building walls that are several centimeters thick. Regardless of the type of building construction, such as slab, basement or crawl space, it can be penetrated by opening open holes or very small gaps. The gap is usually found in the slab around the slit of wood or plumbing, and the gap between the foundation and the wall, as well as on the roof horses. Termites can also create holes on the foundation, then continue moving upwards to reach the horses and across the wall.

Parts of building components that are vulnerable to termite attack are balconies, terraces, rain guttering, roof frames, ventilation, connections between brick walls and wood ampikes, and the relationship between brick and roof walls. Also the angle of the wall, the angular relationship between the frame and the stone wall, the wall pairs associated with the flower bath, the cracks in the brick wall, as well as the relationship between the walls with the foundation.

Termites are the main cause of all damage to the elements of building construction, especially wood-based such as: floors, walls, ceiling frames, horses, and various furniture made of wood such as: door, window ), cabinets, kitchen sets, etc. Termites work damaging your home for 24 hours a day, and termites will continue to work throughout the year until damage to the house really happens.

How To Prevent Your Termite Attack?

There are 3 (three) objectives underlying termite control service or anti termite service, namely: prevent, eradicate and control. In general, hazard prevention in buildings due to termite attack must begin in the pre-construction stage, this is done to prevent the entry of termites into the building building during the construction process is running. Termite prevention measures at pre-construction stage can be done by building design approach by using anti termite material, using durable wood or preserved by wood preservation, and giving of termite chemical in the form of Termiticide on the ground to avoid its attack.

Pre-construction termite control (pre-construction termite prevention method); is a process undertaken to prevent termite attacks carried out while buildings are under construction. This process includes foundation spraying works, spraying all floor surfaces before casting, and spraying the entire surface of the wood material before being installed on the construction of the sills, floors, walls, ceiling and roof.

Pre-construction termite control process should be done before building a house or building a house to avoid damage to your home in the future. If treatment or anti-termite home treatment is done after the occurrence of termite attack, then you have to pay for repair or renovation of damage that has occurred. And of course the cost of repairs to damaged buildings due to termite attack is quite expensive.

Houses that are free from termite attacks make the residents comfortable and quiet in carrying out daily routine, without having to worry about the damage to the elements of the building and various furniture in the house. If it can be done long ago, why not anticipate termite attack as early as possible than made dizzy then? Prevent it easier and cheaper than to eradicate it in the future.

How to Control Termite attacks in your home?

If a termite attack in your home has already occurred because the termite prevention process is not done, both in the pre-construction stage and termites have spread to all parts of the building then the thing to do is mengndalikan in the post-construction stage. Termites can not be eradicated or can be totally eliminated, because the termite traffic path is really wide and hidden. However, the services obtained can extend the life of your building and control the termite attack so as not to cause fatal damage.

The process of termite attack control performed after the building is made is Post-construction termite control (post-construction method); namely the controlling process of termite attack that is done on the building that has stood by injecting Termiticide (termite termite) into the soil. In this post-construction termite control process Termiticide is injected below the floor along the foundation path of the building, the distance between the injection holes between 60 cm to 80 cm, the diameter of the +/- 15 mm injection hole. As for the wood material in the house that has been installed and furniture sprayed directly with Termiticide.

Easy Tips To Protect Home From Termite Attack:

1. Cleaning the Water and Sewers.
Termites like moist areas and absorb a lot of water, one of which is a ditch. Clean always ditch in front or side of house and keep garbage or dirt not clogging sewer.

2. Fixing Leaking Water Pipes and Faucets
If there is a leaking pipe or tap, fix it immediately. The leaky water faucet always drips water even when not in use. It can make your house always damp and could be the most comfortable place for termites. In addition to preventing termites from coming, repairing pipelines and water taps also saves water consumption.

3. Reduce Wood Use Inside House
Termite food is wood, so try not to place wood material near the foundation of the house. Avoid also put a pile of wood in the house, you should put in the yard and place as far as possible from the house building. Do not put the wood directly on the ground, but provide first the base of iron or tile floor underneath.

4. Maintain Cleanliness of Ventilation Hole
Ensure air ventilation or ventilation from splinters of paint or bricks. Give the gauze wire in the vents to prevent the entry of the flakes into the house. Because the materials that enter from the vents can invite termites to visit into your home.

5. Caring for Wood Elements Periodically
Use good quality wood for balconies, stairs, doors and window frames. Low quality woods make it easy for termites to eat. Do not forget to take care of it regularly, can either clean it regularly or recharge with vernish.


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