Because it is Important to Eliminate Termites

Having a termite infestation in a house where wood predominates can become a real nightmare, termites can feed on all kinds of wood and it can take around 5 years before we can notice their existence, so they have enough time to destroy a wooden building before being discovered, let’s know the reasons why it is important to eliminate termites from home in time.

Because it is Important to Eliminate Termites

Many people underestimate the damage that termites can cause in a building, they can damage it to such an extent that the regeneration of the affected wood becomes an impossible task.

Among the reasons why it is important to eliminate termites we have their rapid reproduction, termites are social insects that live in colonies with queens responsible for laying eggs, when termites reach adulthood they create their own colonies and thus reproduce from an impressive way The most dangerous are subterranean termites, since living under the ground makes it easier for them to create tunnels that communicate with each other, thus being able to move easily from one place to another, getting food from the wood they want.

Another reason why it is important to eliminate termites, is its economic importance as wood pests and their derivatives, termites can cause high economic damage by damaging important buildings, furniture or works of art, termites have microorganisms that allow them to process the cellulose of the wood becoming, therefore, its main source of food.

It is very important to prevent the presence of termites in houses before they cause irreversible damage to the wood, there are different home methods that can achieve this goal, such as the poisons applied or injected into the wood to prevent them from feeding on the wood.

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