Difference Between Wood Termite and Soil Termites

Know the difference between wood termites and soil termites – Soil Termite Inequality With Wood Termites. Termites are small animals that are white, westerners generally call it white ant. Termites will generally eat wood that has been decayed though so it is not impossible termites can also eat wood that is still good as it is in our homes. If termites have consumed and attacked the wood in our homes, the light will be so risky. Because this kind of thing is related to the resilience of our residence. Often, the buildings do not know the type of termites that attack their buildings. Although in fact, in general there are 2 types of termites that are ground termites and dry wood termites.

Uniformity of Dry Wood Termites

Dry wooden termites of small colonies and even in one frame of painting there may be 4 pieces of dry wood termite colonies. The speeds resulting in the destruction of dry wood termites are very slow but of course and require an annual time to cause damage to one frame of painting. The dry wood termite nest is present in damaged wood and its spread is slow.

In an easy way, dry wood termites are innate of the wood and are not coming from the ground. Symptoms are also easily recognizable by the presence of yellow round grains under furniture, ceiling and piano and some other items.

Soil Termite Inequality

Termite has an amazingly damaging speed, depending on the size of its colony. They can attack all buildings in a matter of weeks, depending on the type and size of the colony.

Termite causes wood damage by making ducts and wooden tunnels in residential buildings. In addition to making a channel, these termites often even consume dry wood is healthy. The stricken residential building is not only located near its damp nest, but also in a place relatively distant from termite attack.

Medium signs of building attacked by ground termites in the form of presence of reddish or sandy ground path or black. Termites of this type of nest is in the ground and the number of members of the colony millions.

You should be alert to termite attacks because termites without any tolerance will eat your building contents, be careful. Hopefully the contents of this article useful for you.

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