How to Eliminate Termites in Wardrobe

How to eliminate termites in wardrobes made of wood? This question is very much submitted on the internet by people who have experienced termite attack especially in wardrobe. Yes of course reasonable dong if people want to overcome and repel this termite attack because the price of wood cabinets is quite expensive.

Very inversely with the price of plastic cabinets are very cheap, so it is very reasonable that this millions of valuable cabinets want to get treatment from the owner of termite attack. Perhaps the cabinets with certain wood materials, can not be affected by termites, but generally in the market, cabinets made of wood that is mudang attacked by termites.

You do not worry because I have some tips and ways how to remove termites from wardrobes that you can practice easily. Let’s follow the explanation below.

Set a trap

This trap is made of used dampened cardboard. If by chance around the closet there is a termite road in the form of mounds of land, immediately cut the track and keep the traps around the area. Let cardboard be eaten by termites and nest there. Once the termites appear nesting there, grab the box and throw it into a river or pond. If it’s still there, install another trap until the termites run out.

Spray boric acid

This boric acid is an ingredient used for insecticides and can be bought in building stores or chemical stores. You can dilute boric acid and store it in a spray and then spray on a wooden dresser wardrobe infested with termites. These chemicals are very effective and fast in terminating termites.

Spraying tobacco water

The second alternative with tobacco water. Take some tobacco leaves then put in water until the water is strongly flavored. Separate the tobacco and strain the water then put in the spray. Spray on wardrobe affected by termite attack.

Spray salt water

If there is no boric acid or tobacco, can also use salt water. Prepare a bowl of salt then melted in a liter of water. Spray evenly into the wardrobe infected by termites. Insha Allah termites will suffocate.

Spray water whiting

As we know that whiting is hot. Mix the whiting with water, then stir until smooth and spray into the wardrobe that is attacked by termites. Then insha Allah termites will die instantly.

Cool the room

Termites do not like extreme temperature changes. If your termite wardrobe is in an air-conditioned room, try to set the room temperature to very cold, so termites will die instantly because they are not strong with extreme weather changes.

Warm the room

Termites like to live in a humid place and will move away from warm or hot places. Therefore, if in the existing room cabinets exposed to termites, there happens to be heating or heating, then set the tool to heat the temperature. So at that instant also termites will die can not stand with changes in temperature. If you do not have a warmer, move the cupboard to a place that is not moist or panasi first outside with the sun.

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