Eliminate Termites Naturally

In nature, termites are considered beneficial for the environment, as they help clear fallen trees and decomposing trunks. However, if your progress is not controlled in time, the presence of termites can cause irreparable damage to our homes. For this reason, it is important to know how to identify the signs of an invasion of termites, and learn the most effective Eliminate Termites Naturally.

Signs of an invasion of termites

The signs of an invasion vary according to the type of termite that is causing the damage. In general, these insects are divided into two main groups: subterranean termites and wood termites. While the first group lives in underground environments and builds their colonies on the land, the second group usually thrives on trees and other wooden objects.

Wood termites tend to attack furniture, leaving signs that include a hollow sound when touching wood, or the appearance of sawdust and termite waste at the foot of the furniture. On the other hand, the invasion of subterranean termites is characterized mainly by the presence of mud pipes in cracks, pipes, plumbing, and other installations.

Natural methods to eliminate termites

Trap with cardboard boxes – Cardboard traps are considered one of the best Eliminate Termites Naturally. The cardboard is composed of cellulose, a substance whose smell similar to wood is very attractive to these insects. When setting the trap, be sure to spray the cardboard with water to enhance the smell, and place it near the area infested with termites. Once the termites have been attracted to the cardboard, collect it and burn it to get rid of them.

Sun exposure – Being extremely susceptible to light, termites often die if exposed to the sun and heat. For this reason, we recommend you clear any vegetation that covers the area where the subterranean termites are located, or dig a hole, in order to expose the insects to direct sunlight.
If it is wood termites, you can aerate the infested furniture in the garden, to allow sunlight to eliminate the termites hidden inside.

Nematodes (round worms) – Nematodes are small worms that feed on microscopic creatures, such as bacteria and fungi. However, there is another group of nematode parasites that feed on small insects, and can be very effective in Eliminate Termites Naturally. In general, these parasites can be purchased online or in stores specializing in pesticides.

Moisture removal – Termites tend to thrive easily in damp areas. For this reason, you must ensure that the affected furniture is located in an airy and moisture-free place.

Vinegar – Spraying vinegar over the infested area, either pure or diluted in water, is an excellent way to Eliminate Termites Naturally. In fact, frequent applications can help prevent future occurrences, and completely stop those invasions that are still in the early stages.

Flooding of the soil – If it is underground termites, the flooding of the affected soil is a practical and effective idea. Identify the area where these insects built their colonies, and fill it with water. Being unable to swim, the termites will die immediately.

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