Eradicate Termites Naturally with Moth Chalk

Eradicate termites with Moth Chalk, can you? If you hear the word termite, then that is reflected in your mind must be a group of small insects that are very fond of eating wooden furniture and utensils. Not just a house pole, but also chairs, statues, wall hangings, wardrobe can be devoured by these sickening little animals.

Surely there will be a lot of furniture in your home that is damaged if not addressed immediately. Not only that, your family’s safety is also threatened. If the wooden pillar of your house support porous and to collapse because of termites eaten.

In addition, the paper-stacked files are even more paper stacks, even paper money, easily to be eaten by these small animals. You do not want a pile of paper money 100 thousands of you entirely perforated due to the termite consumed this ???

This one animal is still mysterious origin. based on experience it turns out termites are the metamorphosis of the winged Termite. This Winged Termite will usually come to our house and swarm the lights when the rainy season has arrived. We must be careful with the existence of these winged Termites. Therefore, the winged Termite will morpheme into termites that then infiltrate into the house.

One of the things that gives an indication that your house is being attacked by termites is the appearance of a clump of a nest similar to a pile of soil that may be attached to the wall, in a pile of books on the rack of your book, among other papers.

This mound of land is a mixture of this small animal dung. When a mound like this land you get, so you must always standby with termite attack because he can devour some goods made of wood and paper and the like.

So do not be surprised if one day you will see a collection of newspapers, novel best seller novel that your general neat on the rack of your book suddenly will be filled with soil and black ant insects.

So inevitably, if you have this, you must remove the cost to replace wood roofing houses, sills, windows, and doors that are damaged by termites. Well if it’s like this we have to turn the brain thinking how to eradicate the termites.

So what to do when the termite has already attacked? Surely this is not a problem that is too big but can be inconvenient if you are less painstaking in the face.

Do not try to unpack your pile of books when the highway attack, because it will only make the dirt scattered everywhere until it would be inconvenient to be clean. Could the termites instead move to the other side of your house, so add more complicated again. So you must have the most simple but powerful steps. How is the step?

You simply provide:

  • Mothballs (10 small seeds).
  • The magical lime of ants / cockroaches (1-2 stems).

Melt the 2 ingredients until smooth, then mix. After the combination is flush, sprinkle it to some areas that are attacked by termites. Let there be no place where the termite is not attacked. Wait for 1 hour, borne termites have been flared and eventually disappeared.
Materials that you can buy in the mini market with a very affordable price.

Camphor or camphor is a crystal that easily sublimes. This perfume material comes from the sap of lime wood trees. The sap contains a natural chemical called Naphthalene. Naphthalene in addition to fragrance, but also functions as an anti-termite, and pests, including mushrooms.

In addition to the above recipe, there are other recipes that are made from:

  • Camphor
  • Kerosene

How to make it, prepare kerosene kitchen and camphor with a ratio of 4: 1. Prepare a bowl and brush first. Mashed camphor until smooth and pour in a bowl then mixed with kerosene to taste. Apply or spray to the affected area of ​​termites, termite cages, or roads that pass by termites and let stand a few minutes until the smell of kerosene is lost from the property. God willing, those termites will not attack your property again.

A few tips about eradicating termites with camphor from us, hopefully your furniture is free from the attack of naughty termites. The above recipe can be used for various ways, can be for how to remove and eradicate termites in the wall, on the floor, in the ground, in the closet, in the ceiling of the house, on the frame and so forth with the aim that cabinets are not eaten termites again and others.

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