Flying Ants Attracted to Light

In the rainy season, it is common to see hundreds of winged ants in the open air or even in the houses, if you have seen them constantly in recent days, do not panic, an expert explains why these insects visit.

These insects are the virgin males and females of the nest and during the year they prepare so that when the rainy season arrives they can go out to look for their own pair and thus build their nest.

“They are produced in the nest, they are fed, they do not have many tasks but they have to wait for the moment that is usually at the beginning of the rainy season when they leave and leave the nest. They begin to fly and make swarms in the air where they meet with the males and females of the nearby nests, the swarm is a mixture of several nests, there they choose companions and land, and that couple looks for a place to start making their nest and his own colony, “said Carlos Esquivel, an entomologist at the School of Biological Sciences at the National University.

That is to say, in rainy season these ants go out to look for their pairs to be able to form their own nest, that’s why they have wings, because in the case of the workers, they are responsible for collecting the food underground.

“When these reproducers come out, if they are close to urbanized areas they are attracted to the lights, but that is because their sense of orientation is out of control, and they were never originally exposed to artificial lights, they start to go around and get into buildings and houses. Once the lights arrive, they begin to fly, they exhaust themselves, fall to the ground and begin to die, “explained the insect expert.

Esquivel affirms that these animals should not be attacked, because they as such do not cause more than a simple ant picket, in extreme cases.

“They do not cause any harm, they are not dangerous, only if there are small children tell them not to touch them because they may get bitten, the females have a sting that could eventually sting but in general they are not dangerous, it is a picket of any ant, it is not necessary to kill them with any product, you have to leave them alone. They bring the food that the workers gave them before leaving to make the ‘nuptial flight’, once they have chosen the couple they land to make the nest, the food reserve they carry is just for that. It is not necessary to do something to kill them, it is more the damage that can be inflicted by using insecticides, than by letting them die by themselves, “the entomologist quoted.

According to the expert, it is in the rainy season when there is more food, that is why it is more common to see them.

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