Flying Termites vs Flying Ants

If you find flying termites nearby, you may have a big problem and need to call a termite exterminator. If the colony is not eliminated in time, in the long run, the structure of your house can be affected. Look at the tips I have prepared for you to know how to differentiate a winged termite with an ant.

These are very easy to locate when you run your nuptial flight. Super active by the rains and the humid ones of the environment that they inhabit, they resurface when reproducing males and females so that they move of nest and become independent to others that they find or that they do from scratch.

I am sure that if you follow the information and advice that I describe here, you will easily remove these insects from your home.

What are winged termites?

The main function of winged termites is simply to grow in their nest to maturity and leave to nest and form a new termite nest from scratch.

Why do they fly?

Your “nuptial flight” or departure from the nest depends on many factors such as weather, season and of course the type of termite that is within the field of flying, of course. Since we have seen that they look for a partner outside the mother termite nest, it is obvious that they mate with different termites, thus avoiding inbreeding.

When do they appear?

  • Underground termites love spring because of the perfect climate they make for them.
  • Those of dry wood throughout the summer can be seen flying frequently.
  • The aerial termites normally fall.

How is an exit from flying termites?

The underground type, everything indicates that they agree and choose a couple of days to leave all at once. Sometimes there are so many, that the mass they generate looks like smoke coming out of the ground scattering in all directions

Clear indications have also been observed that when they copulate they leave their wings fallen in piles on the ground. This is because as their only function is to mate, when they do they lose them since they are not useful for other tasks.

How are winged termites not to be confused with ants?

Not all of us have to be experts in this type of insects but there are distinguishing features among them quite clear:

Winged ants:

  • Antennae slightly crooked.
  • Abdomen with narrow waist.
  • Wings the same size as the body

Flying Temitas:

  • Straight antennas.
  • Abdomen without waist.
  • Wings longer than the size of the body.

How to avoid them?

Inevitable your exit, so much so that if you obstruct the nest, they will do everything possible to create another exit and you will not be all day waiting to plug the holes that are building.

If you want a quick and very effective solution to eliminate flying termites, is to trap them with a vacuum cleaner, if you do not resist the fluffs of home this plague of termites either.


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