Harmful Effects of Termites

Damage to Structures – Termites feed on wood, since cellulose provides its main source of food and nutrients. It also acts as a refuge and a place to create termite tunnels through wooden structures. A small plague of termites can grow rapidly and compromise the structural integrity of a building, eventually making homes unsafe and uninhabitable. These parasites are always hidden in an efficient way, so the discovery of the infestation is usually too late to save the structure of the house. For these reasons, the owners and companies to hire exterminators to destroy the colonies, often at a cost of thousands of dollars.

Property Damage – Termites do not just eat wood, the cellulose they need is paper, cloth and plastic. The infestations are responsible for an estimated $ 30 billion in damages in the US. only. According to the New York Daily News, termites also go after the money itself: the Bank of India has reported that termites damage $ 222,000 in rupees.

The Damage to Health – Termites can be a health risk. They can carry the fungus in their tunnel causing SBS (sick building syndrome), usually causing minor discomfort and irritation to humans living or working nearby. The symptoms of SBS are frequent headaches, rashes, chronic asthma, SBS involves more risk over time due to neuroactive mycotoxins that attack the nervous system.

Extermination – You can remove termites from your home using commercial pesticides, but this is often only a temporary solution, many pesticides do not destroy eggs. Many commercial products also do not effectively reach the recesses of a smaller house where termites commonly thrive. Professional exterminators are usually the best solution for termite infestations, despite the high cost.

Prevention – Termites normally infest wetlands homes. To avoid termite infestation, a basement must be constructed with a concrete slab that does not contain holes for the potential entrance of termites. According to a document published by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, approximately 90 percent of termite infestations originated from a wooden structure that has contact with the ground. To protect a house from an infestation, a home must eliminate contact between the floor and the wooden structure of the house. This can be done by establishing concrete floors and basement walls.

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