Home Solutions to Eliminate Termites

Termites feed mainly on wood, this is due to the fact that within their digestive system there are microorganisms that process wood cellulose very easily, some termites are destined to maintain feeding inside the colony while the queen has the responsibility for reproduction. In a termite mound approximately two million individuals can live, which implies that they can finish in a short time with a complete building of wood, however, taking into account some homemade solutions to eliminate termites you can exert an efficient control over these annoying insects.

Home solutions to eliminate termites

Termites not only attack wood exclusively, but also its derivatives such as paper or cardboard, which translates into an important damage to a large part of the objects of buildings in general, which is why today I want to show you the best homemade solutions to eliminate termites in a fast way.

Sodium Borate

Sodium borate is a very effective product to kill insects especially with termites, mix it with water and apply it on the surface of your wooden furniture, with the help of a brush or a clean towel, if the wood has small cracks you can apply sodium borate inside with the help of an injector.

Orange Oil

Among the homemade solutions to eliminate termites we have citrus, orange or lemon oils are very beneficial to kill termites, you should only apply the oil on the surface of the wood and try to introduce it to the inside of it.

Traps With Cardboard

Remember that termites feed on all the derivatives of wood, what you should do is moisten a cardboard with disinfectant or with vinegar, when it is completely dry place it in places where there may be termites, they will be attracted to the cardboard and when they ingest it they will die poisoned.

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