How to Avoid an Invasion of Termites with Natural Treatments

Termites also known as white ants are insects that feed mainly on wood and its derivatives, this thanks to the protozoa found in your digestive system which process the cellulose of wood without any inconvenience. In many countries these insects are considered as pests from the economic point of view, since they can end up with complete buildings of wood, works of art and stored food, so knowing the necessary measures to avoid an invasion of termites is very useful.

How to avoid an invasion of termites with natural treatments

Termites are very sociable insects live in colonies that are divided into three castes; the workers, soldiers and reproducers, in this last caste are the king and queen responsible for the reproduction of the species, some termites build mounds while others are underground, they can end up with a wooden building without showing any indication of their presence .

Among the most effective natural treatments to prevent an invasion of termites we have the following:

Boric Acid

A very useful way to avoid an invasion of termites is to mix boric acid with water and later with the help of an injector to place the product inside the different holes or cracks that the wood has, in this way the cellulose of the same is contaminated and the termites will die when consuming it.

Clove Bud Oil

Another great idea to end termites is to clean all wooden objects with clove bud oil, when the termites settle on the wood to feed on it they will die on contact with the oil.

Avoid Propitiating The Right Environment

It is important that you keep your home free of moisture and food for termites, seal cracks in the foundations, keep it between dry floors and ensure that the wood is far from your home.

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