How to Eliminate Carpenter Ant Infestations

Carpenter ants chew on wood surfaces to make nests for the colony. While pesky bugs do not actually eat the wood, they can cause structural damage when they make holes in the surface. Killing the ants on the outside only undoes the ants that are outside the nest. To successfully eliminate an infestation of carpenter ants, you must also exterminate the ants of the colony. You can get rid of the ants on your own using materials and methods suitable for their removal.


  1. Place 1 cup of jelly and 1 teaspoon of boric acid in a bowl. Mix the two ingredients together to create a deadly bait for the ants.
  2. Log tape 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 centimeters) long and glue them to the ground or other horizontal surfaces where you have seen the carpenter ants. With the spoon, place some of the jelly baits on the ribbon to attract the ants.
  3. Look to see where the ants come and go after eating the bait. This will help you determine where you have built your nest.
  4. Hole between four to six small holes in the wall where the ant nest is located. Use a 1/8 inch (0.31 cm) bit to create the holes.
  5. Pour borax powder with a putty gun until the gun is two-thirds full. Place the tip of the gun in the holes, one at a time. Pump the borax into the wall through the holes to kill the ants in the nest.


  • Replace the baits for the ants every few days until you are sure that the population of carpenter ants has been eliminated. The ants eat the bait and carry something to share with the rest of the colony.
  • Wash the surfaces with a mixture of equal parts of white vinegar and water to repel the ants and not settle in your home.


  • If the ants continue to exist for four to six weeks after treating the infestation, consult a professional exterminator.

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