How To Eliminate Flying Termites

Flying termites are the phase of the winged life of the common termite. The termite fly is part of the reproduction cycle of the insect. They also look for new locations of colonies during this phase of their life. Following the termite fly, the owners can locate old colonies and possibly new locations the insects are trying to infect.

The identification of flying termites

Termites and flying ants that fly often confuse each other. Flying ants have a body formed by three segments, while termites have a body with scale. Termites also have wings of uniform size, while ants have a large and small set of wings.

If termites are found flying indoors, it may be an indication of a termite infestation somewhere in the home.

Owners also occasionally find wings instead of the body of the insect. The flying termite drops its wings after mating, the females and then try to bury themselves on the ground to lay their eggs.

Exterminate flying termites

Termites are attracted to light so an insect exterminator works effectively to Eliminate Flying Termites. It is best to place the zapper bug outside the house and to keep the lights around the house at a minimum during the time the termites are swarming to avoid attracting the house.

Flying termites have a life expectancy of only a few days and usually swarm once or twice a year. They are not harmful, but if termites fly to locate and form a colony in a home they can do a lot of damage.

Tracking of flying termites

Look for mud tubes or mud tracks, where insects are digging into the ground. It is likely that these are found in dark and humid areas and have access to wood. If these are discovered, notify a pest control professional to assess the situation.

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