How to Exterminate Termites

Termites are insects considered a pest when they invade a place, since they can devour immense wooden beams in a short time, reproduce quickly and create nests both in the ground and in wooden objects, they can become a real economic problem for society destroying the buildings of houses, which is why it is necessary to know how to exterminate termites before it is too late.

How to Exterminate Termites

It is important that as soon as you notice the presence of termites inside your home, take the necessary measures to eliminate them before they gradually take over the whole place, the termites are silent when they begin to feed on the wood, but they can leave some traces like sawdust and small perforations, if you have seen them in your house it is time that you know how to exterminate the termites so that they do not become a plague.

Boric Acid

It is an antiseptic easy to get and manipulate, not only will help you how to exterminate termites, but also, away from various insects, just put a little on those objects of wood, cardboard or paper where you think you are termites and you can delete

Sodium Borate

It is a very efficient product to eliminate termites because its main function is to attack the protozoa of the termites preventing them from feeding, the protozoa are responsible for the digestion of food, once the termites are damaged they will die of hunger.

Pesticides and Other Chemical Products

There are a variety of poisons that can come in liquid presentation or as pesticides, ideal to end a complete colony of termites, however it is recommended that they be applied by professionals, since they are chemical products that are very delicate and dangerous to health.

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