How to know if the treatment works a termite

Termites can work furtively, access your home through underground tunnels and eat the wooden frame from the inside out. One of the fears is not knowing if the termite treatment was used worked. Regardless of the type of treatment you used, there are some signs that you can look for that point towards a successful extermination.

Checking the effectiveness of liquid treatments

1. Check the underground nest from which the subterranean termites originate. The location of the subterranean termite nest will be marked with tiny holes in the ground called mud tubes. Generally, you can find active termites in mud holes. If the liquid treatment was applied and the nest is found to have no termite activity, the treatment was likely successful.

2. Check the areas of your home for which you applied liquid termiticide. These should be the places where you can find the termites were gaining access to your home. Again, check for termite activity in that area. If the treatment has been done correctly, you should find no termite activity in these areas.

3. Check if any of the signs of a termite infestation. This will include the appearance of mud spots on the wooden structure of your home, the appearance of sawdust near or around the wooden structure of your home, no termite wings that have thrown, or hollow resonance of wood that should sound solid If these signs seem to have diminished or if there does not appear to be any additional damage, liquid termite treatment was likely successful.
Check the effectiveness of termite baits

4. Check the termite bait traps that you have placed around your house. Do not dial immediately. Wait several days after the planted ones. If you find termites inside the bait trap, that is, definitely working.

5. Do not look for dead termites. Most baits do not use a termiticide that kills on contact. Termite bait traps use a chemical that either damages the nervous system of a termite or causes developmental problems. These effects are going to kill the termites in the long term and you can not see any dead termites.

6. Again, check if any of the signature signs of damage caused by termites have decreased. If the signs of damage by termites are significantly less than they were before you planted the bait traps, your treatment is likely successful.

7. If the termite bait traps do not work in the places you planted them, move them to other places. The effectiveness of bait traps will depend on where to plant them.
Tips and warnings

If your first attempts are unsuccessful, hire a professional exterminator. Termites can cause considerable damage in a surprisingly short time.

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