How To Overcome Termites At Home

The battle of humans with termite pests is unlikely to be exhausted, the best way for homes not to be visited by termites is to understand how to cope with termites at home. Minimize that the colonizing live insects do not come again after the house or building is protected with anti-termite. The following ways should be done consistently so that the house is properly protected, avoiding the dangerous latent attack of termites that are very destructive and able to knock down the building. The best way to anticipate termites at home is by identifying them, preventing termites from attacking and coping with them if they are living with you, getting rid of them immediately.

  • Do not store objects that are not made of wood or paper, such as cardboard shoes. Notebooks that are no longer needed
  • Place camps or camphor (C10H160) on the cabinet shelves, especially bookcases
  • Do not throw tiisu carelessly, especially at home, immediately get rid of. This thin cellulose paper is in great demand by termites
  • Do not store pieces of wood, unnecessary plywood, including pieces of twigs and branches in the yard, throw far away
  • Perform monitoring on the floor, wall of the house, check whether there is a path of termites and immediately get rid of. Clean and spray with pesticides like. This condition should not be ignored, if this is found, then your home is now surrounded by termite colonies
  • If in the yard of your house many black ants, leave and do not disturb. These ants become your shabat, as predators of a herd of termites, including lizards and frogs.
  • Sprinkle salt or salt solution at the termite track location, corner corner of the wall, in the yard, open space or in the garden
  • Sprinkle tobacco liquid dissolved around the wall at home.
  • Use also how to remove termites with traditional methods, such as watering the plant with a former rice laundry. Besides being able to fertilize the crop, the former rice wash is not favored by termites.

How to overcome termite home should be considered and applied consistently, at least your house will be shunned by termites. If the termite marker is present, immediately perform first aid, clean the place where the termites are crawled, at least spray with termiteidal termiteidic fluid. A more complete way, provide a termite bait outside the home, a type of enzyme with hexafumiuron content, serves to engineer, inhibit the growth of termite skin. This method is also effective for detecting the termite population level at the site. When the attack comes quite powerful, you should contact PawangRayap to get rid of systematically with some methods that have been tested and warranted. Protect your assets and live comfortably in them.

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