How To Removal Termites At Indoor Quickly and Effectively

One of the most disturbing little animals in the home is termites. In addition to disturbing these animals can also be very dangerous because it will eat wood in your home, ranging from cabinets, doors, beds, to the wooden pillars supporting the roof.

If not resolved soon will be a lot of furniture in your home that is damaged. Not only that, your family’s safety can also be threatened if the wooden pillars support the porous house and to fall down by termites.

Therefore from this time will review various ways to eradicate termites in your home. Various ways is very easy because it only uses the materials that are around us. But beforehand, let us first look at how to find out where the termites are located.

Looking for Termites

The presence of termites in our homes sometimes not realized before it appears there is considerable damage. And if we can detect it earlier, then the damage caused will not be too big.

Well, here are the characteristics of the termites in your home:

Appears termites

Yes, obviously this is the most powerful sign of any termites in your home. Although small in size, we can easily distinguish termites with other small insects such as ants or lice.


Termites that eat wood will usually leave a small dust-shaped powder. If you find it then nearby you will surely find porous wood.

Porous wood

Finding porous wood can be done by tapping the wood to see if there is a cavity in it. Not only wood, these cavities will usually also exist in your book collection considering the raw material of book making also comes from wood.

How To Remove Termites

Once you find the location of the termite, it’s time to start the eradication operation. Here are some ingredients that you can use to drive them from your home.

Water washing rice

Rice water water that is often viewed by the eyes turned out to have considerable benefits. Yes, the water was able to repel termites from the nest. The trick is also quite easy because you just sprinkle the water washing rice around the termite residence only.

Water whiting

Water whiting is famous as an insect repellent, one of which is termites. Termites strongly dislike whiting because they have heat properties for their bodies. Therefore, pour water of this whiting water to the place where the termites are located. This water can also be inserted into a spray container so you can more freely in expelling it.

Tobacco water

In the previous article we had discussed that tobacco can be used to repel lizards from inside the house. Investigate a calibaration, raw materials manufacture of these cigarettes also turned out to drive out the swarm of wood-eating termites.

The trick, first you have to soak tobacco in the water for one night. This immersion aims to remove the juice that is in the tobacco. Once ready, please flush or spray the water into the termite nest.


Another way to get rid of other termites is to simply use the salt of the kitchen. Simply sprinkle salt around the termite nest, then the small insect will immediately dodge. To be more effective, you can also mix it with tobacco water and then spray it into the cavities that hide it.


Almost all insects are afraid of kerosene, not to mention these wooden termites. To get rid of it you just need to water or spray the area that becomes the termite’s nest. No need to wait long, the termites will immediately splatter out.

Dry wood

Because termites prefer to be in a humid place, putting them in a hot place will be a torment for them. Therefore, if there is furniture of your house inhabited by termites, dry the furniture in the sun. Do this drying on a regular basis until termites disappear from the place.

Tips for Termites Not Reappearing

Once your existing termites are removed, the next step is to prevent them from recurring. This is very important because termites are very easy to re-live around us.

Clean the warehouse

Warehouse is one of the favorite places for insects like ants, cockroaches, and termites. Therefore, routine cleaning the warehouse so it is not easy to invite the presence of termites. Note also the pile of cardboard and wooden items that are not to be used as a place of residence.

Distance from the wall

Termites can enter the house from anywhere, but the most frequent place of intermediary is the wall and floor. Therefore, give the distance between the wall and your wooden furniture about 10 cm. This can reduce the risk of termite attack directly to cabinets, tables, and other furniture.

Avoid humid places

A humid place is also a favorite for termite flocks. Therefore, check with the moist area routine like water channels so that no termites inhabit it. Clean up the garbage there so there will be no stagnant water.

In addition to the drains, check also the faucet and pipe to make sure nothing is leaking. Because the leaking water that drips from the pipe can make the floor and wall become damp. If it is so then termites will easily come to your home again.

Choose furniture with quality wood

The quality of wood used in your home furniture is very influential on the interest of termites. Low-quality wood is usually very easy to eat termites. Therefore, always choose furniture made of high quality wood.

Consult the experts

Today many service companies offer services to repel termites while preventing them from recurring. Well, for your home more awake, then you can consult to the service provider so that termites do not come back to your home.


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