How To Remove Wood Termites On Door Frame

Wood Termite is the main enemy of wooden buildings such as door frames. How to remove wooden termites on door frames is with BioCide anti-termite medication.

Insects that attack or destroy wood consists of termites, powder beetles, ants and wooden bees. The first two attacks are very fierce, while the last two attacks are minor. Wood ants will only damage the wood in a secondary way, for example the wood that has been weathered by the fungus is vulnerable to ants to nest. Let’s discuss just one, termites, insects that have a ferocious attack on wood.

What kind of dry wood termite features invade your door frame?

Dry wood termites are included in the Kalotermitidae family. Examples of species are Kalotermes minor, Cryptotermes cynocephalus Light, Neotermes tectonae. The termites live in colonies in dry wood, do not like light, are resistant to drought and have never been in contact with the soil. The wood-grinding termite is still immature. (In termite termites, termite workmen who engage in wood are mature termites.)

The feature of dry wooden termite attack on the door frame is leaving the secretion of a small dense powder such as pale yellow to brown sand issued through a small hole that is the initial hole of this termite attack into the wood.

After adulthood, immature will develop into three kinds of termites namely male termites, female termites or termites soldiers and all winged. This winged termite then flies and will land and attack the New Wood.

Anti Termite Medicine As A Way To Decay Termite Termites On Door Frame

A good termite anti-inflammator used should be one of the most active ingredients available to protect and preserve wood from termite attack. The method of application used can be with cold soaking because this method is considered quite simple for the process of preservation of wood.

Biocide Insecticide is an ideal anti termite drug, it can be used through various methods and always on. Biocide Insecticide is a wood preservative product to prevent attacks of various types of insects and termites with the gastric contact system. Products with 130 gram packaging is effective in anticipating the attack of wood powder beetles, ants, lice, mosquitoes, termites. The active ingredient of this drug is Cypermethrine 100 EC. The product can preserve various types of wood, rattan, bamboo, natural fiber, etc.

Available For various application methods

BioCide Insecticide can be applied with spray system, injection pipe, vacuum press, until immersion. If you want a simple one, just satisfy the water-blended BioCide on the door frame.


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