How To Termite Pest Control On Rubber Plant

Termites are one of the most commonly found insects, found in various places in the garden, and can also be found inside the house. These small insects usually like humid places such as in wet sticks, and there is also a trunk of dried wood even found in the ground.

The case that many found on termites in agriculture is the attack of termites in rubber plants. This is due to an irregular rainy season, and a very long dry peak. So it can cause termite colonies will easily attack rubber or other plants very quickly.

In principle, controlling of termite attack on rubber plant can only prevent termite contact with stem or yard of rubber plant.

Here’s how to overcome and termites pest control in rubber plants:

  • Using the traditional way by sprinkling wood ash and ka at the base of the stem before starting planting rubber crops.
  • Using a Granular (G) insecticide solution to be sprayed on the planting portion, especially at the endemic site or termite-prone and rubber plant rods.
  • Reduces mechanical damage to the yard of the intercropping system.
  • Eradicate or reduce termite nests around the garden.
  • Often perform sanitation or eradicate weeds are often disturbing, in order to avoid the attack of termites around the rubber plant.
  • Perform proper soil media management, so it will decide the life cycle or larva termites.

Thus information on how to overcome the termite pests in rubber plants may be useful and useful. If you have other information about how to eradicate or cope with termites in rubber plants can be added and would like to be asked about it left in the comment field.


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