Know All The Steps to Follow to Locate Termites in Your House

Termites are one of the pests that can cause us many problems in our home, taking into account that these insects in many cases are difficult to combat one of the things we should know is how to locate termites.

It is very important to know where you can find these insects, especially if we have in our home, furniture or structures made of wood that can be affected by this devastating plague. Take into account that termites do not rest, they are working at all times, eating the wood of the home and when you finally get them, it may be too late.

Steps to locate termites

To locate termites we must know they are all the time in the material that contains cellulose which they consume as their food, the woods that are attacked by these insects usually do not present visible marks on the outside because they always leave a small film in the external part of the wood, which makes it appear to be intact, if for some reason this film was affected so that a hole is opened, the termites quickly close it with saliva and other substances they produce.

On the contrary, inside the wood, the termites continue to consume it, without us being able to realize the damage, it is possible that we can visualize the location of the termites by mere chance or breakage of the material, but it would be too late.

Laces glued to the wall or ceilings whose appearance is of earth, means presence of termites, sometimes you can see these constructions made by termites in the form of stalactites or stalagmites.

In general, when termites are consuming some type of wood they are at the same time forming a kind of tunnel with which they protect themselves from environmental factors while moving and consuming wood. The presence of holes in the wood or black holes in the plaster are also symptoms of the presence of termites, these are some factors to consider to locate termites, keep them always in mind, since you can be the victim of an attack by this small but devastating insect.

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