Manage to Keep Termites Away

It is considered that organic compounds made from wood may attract termites, however termites may be attracted to almost any type of organic compound regardless of whether they contain wood or not.

Another factor that we must take into account when using organic compounds is that despite what all manufacturers say about the effectiveness of this type of products for the eradication of harmful insects such as termites, there is no organic compound that manages to permanently remove these small but aggressive insects.

Importance of organic compounds in the living conditions of termites

Organic compounds are substances capable of retaining moisture that exists in the soil, it is for this reason that organic compounds make the soil the ideal place for termites to live placidly and of course, that they can get to dig the tunnels they need to go to their different sources of food.

It does not matter if the soils on which the organic compounds are applied contain gravel or any other construction material, the important thing is that if the humidity is adequate enough, it will become a completely favorable environment for the lifestyle of the termites , especially if these insects can come into contact with the wood structures found in your home, if so, this organic compound will only become a bridge that will guide termites to your home.

How should I apply organic compounds to ward off termites?

When using any type of organic compound you should make sure that it is applied at least 6 inches away from your home, that is, about 15 centimeters away from your home or any other element of wood that is part of the structure of it.

If you decide to apply any type of organic compound, then this layer of application of this compound should not be more than two inches, ie, 5 centimeters thick, in this way you will ensure that the application layer is thin enough as to allow sunlight to pass through and therefore this may lead to the eradication of termites.

What are the types of organic compounds that termites prefer?

It is considered that termites may have some preference over certain organic compounds in particular, although it seems that organic compounds made from cypress chips and malaleuca are not included in the list of favorite products of termites , in spite of this it is very probable that these insects can get to use them in their favor, since these organic compounds can also be favorable for the construction of their tunnels as well as for the development of their nest.

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