Natural Strategies to Eliminate Termites

Termites are insects that in their larval stage can significantly affect important wooden constructions, works of art and objects in general, when they reach the adult stage they develop wings that allow them to move to a new wood to lay their eggs there, they are not carriers of diseases for human beings but they can represent great economic damages, so it is important to know the natural strategies to eliminate more infallible termites.

Natural Strategies to Eliminate Termites

The termites live in colonies that can have more than 2 million termites, in these colonies only the queens have the responsibility of reproduction, the termites are classified into three types:

  • The termites that elaborate their underground nests.
  • Those that elaborate epigeal nests.
  • And those that decide to create arboreal nests.

It is difficult to identify when an object is infested with termites, so knowing the following natural strategies to eliminate termites is an excellent option:

Sodium Bicarbonate

A very useful product in the home baking soda, to use it you only need to make a mixture with water and place it in a container with spray, then sprinkle the mixture on any wooden object that is inside your house.

Boric Acid

Another of the natural strategies to eliminate termites is boric acid, if you mix it with a little water you will have an ideal paste to kill these insects, just apply it with a brush on the surface of the furniture, paintings, tables, cabinets and other wooden utensils.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil can not eliminate termites but it can prevent them from entering the interior of the wood, the aroma of lavender disorients the insects thus preventing them from wanting to be there, what you must do is to apply the essential oil of lavender with a damp towel on the surface of the wood.

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