6 Ways to remove fire ants from house

How To remove fire ants from house is easiest and also uses ingredients that are easy to come by. Ants are animals that are considered quite disturbing existence in every corner of the house. Usually also often annoyed if all the food stored at home surrounded by groups of ants. I’m sure many people have experienced the incident. Maybe even going to see the incident almost every day if you are not good at storing food and also your ripe food in the right place so it is not easy to reach by a group of ants.

When you see your sugar that is often not closing the lid and then many ants, surely you will spontaneously feel annoyed and want to eliminate quickly with potent drugs such as pesticides. But unfortunately, although pesticides are potent in the process of eradicating pests such as insects, but the existence is not environmentally friendly even harmful to humans or other living things around it.

remove fire ants from house

How To Erase Fire Ants

The house is one of the places where the ants are in great demand. Because the house can be used as a source of food for ants that never runs out.

This is one of the factors that trigger ants to come to your home and never get bored even though you have been expelled every day. In this article will discuss how to eradicate fire ants.

Some ways to eradicate the fire ant will be explained in detail and detail, explanation as follows:

1. Keep Your Floor Surface Cleaning

Hygiene is always the main thing that must be maintained so that bad things can be prevented. Without exception to prevent ants from coming to your house. By always ensuring the surface of your home floor in a clean and fragrant state can help you in the annihilation of ants. Like other insects, ants also feel uncomfortable if the place he was in clean and fragrant. Such trivial things without even realizing it can be used as a major step to prevent it is not.

Indeed, in some cases cleanliness may help keep pigheads from coming to your home. Perform cleaning at least 2 times a day. Sweep every corner of your house that ants are vulnerable to ants. Especially the part indicated to have little gap that can be used as the entrance by a group of ants. Then do also cleaning with the use of floor cleaners for germs to die and arise a refreshing aroma so hopefully ant will stay away from your home.

2. Use of Dishwashing Soap Mixed With Water

This method is also often used and proven effective in eradicating a group of ants. The materials used are very easy to get because you always use it every day in your kitchen. Cait dish washing soap can be used in this case to help you. The trick is very easy, you first find a bottle of perfume that is not used sprayer that you usually use to spray clothes during the process of ironing. Leave them in water. Once it is clean you can put enough water. Then enter the liquid dish soap a few drops. Shake the bottle until the solution can blend well. Well, be an ant material.

Try to apply the solution by spraying it on a group of ants passing in your house. Do spraying repeatedly until a bunch of ants look drunk. It is these characteristics that make the mark if it is powerful enough. If a group of ants are lying helpless you can immediately clean it so as not to contaminate your home.

3. Use of a combination of vinegar and water

The combination of vinegar and water can also be used as the right choice in the process of helping you kill a group of ants entering your home, as it is evident that ants do not like vinegar. You can use the spray bottle that is no longer used. Clean the spray bottle first with water before use. Then you can put in enough water and vinegar. Do not forget to shake the solution so it can blend perfectly. Once done, you can apply it to a group of ants. Spray on the visible part there are many ants. Next you can clean it with a cloth or tissue. In addition water and vinegar solution you can use to ants to come to your home. Spray on parts indicated as ant pathway. For example windows, ventilation, small cracks and so forth.

4. Use of Combination of Lime and Water Juice

Not much different from the previous methods, the combination of lime juice and water was also you can enter one reference material that can be used as an ant disinfectant. Provide an unused spray bottle and then wipe with water. After that you can enter water and lemon juice to taste just enough. Do not forget to shake until mixed perfectly. Next you can apply to spray it on a bunch of ants. Then do not forget to clean the marks of extermination.

5. Use of Boric Acid Powder

Boric acid has proved effective in eradicating ants. You can apply the boric acid powder by sprinkling it on the part of your house indicated by the ant path. You can also directly sprinkle among the groups of ants that roam. When ants consume boric acid powder, then the ant will experience poisoning and eventually die. So the use of boric acid you can put in your list in an effort to eradicate the existence of the ant is very disturbing. Do not worry about the use of boric acid is very environmentally friendly and harmless if the use is not excessive.

In addition you can use boric acid not only by sowing but in the direction conditions due to the existence of relatively large ants, you can make a trap with the use of boric acid mixed with sugar. Sugar here as an angler so that the ants come and gather to the trap you create then expected a group of ants will consume these trap materials.

6. Apply Hot Water In Ants Nest

If you’ve done a lot of ways to get rid of ants that often come to your house, but the way does not last long, then you can use the following way. Take a lookout at the place where the groups appear. Trace the rows of ants to where they are going. When you have found the mounds of land around your house, do a slow check and do not do anything first so that a group of ants do not move places to make a new nest because it interfere with your existence.

If you have found a number of nests of these ant groups, you can prepare the water to boil until boiling. Boil water in sufficient quantities so you do not be bothered to boil back water if suddenly you run out or happen other things such as spills because it was not intentional. Insert the hot water into the kettle for easier use. Once the equipment is all ready, you can go directly to where the ant nest is located. Pour the hot water into the hole of the ant hole mound. This method may be very effective in eradicating ants to their roots. Not the ants are eradicated, but the eggs will be destroyed.

It can be concluded that in an attempt to eradicate ants coming to the house, you can use the above methods as reference material to help you. Using natural ingredients is also quite effective and environmentally friendly compared to using pesticides that are known to be very harmful to the surrounding environment. Up here first yes this article that discusses how to eradicate the fire ants. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.


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