Repairing Termite Damaged Wood Floor

The strength of the wooden floor can last for years but when it comes to its timing, the wood floors will decrease in quality like kropos eaten by termites, make a sound when stepped on, expanding or even shrinking.

Other causes of damage are errors during installation, decay due to water seeps, soil surface shifts resulting in uneven floor surfaces, extreme temperature changes resulting in expanding or shrinking wood floors.

Repairing Termite Damaged Wood Floor
Termite Damaged Wood Floor

How to repair broken wood floor does not have to be dismantled, just damaged. The easiest way is with the glue and nailing. Namely dismantle the broken floor and smeared glue and nailed.

Another way to repair damaged parquet wood floor is to use tongue type of mouth. This method should be careful especially during disassembly and during installation. For demolition of damaged wood can use a drill machine and perforate around the damaged floor after it is gouged with a pliers or a hammer.

Remove the damaged wood floor, clean the adhesive that is still attached to the base and the wooden sides using a socket or iron scrap (work slowly do not rush). Once the broken parquet is removed and the remaining adhesive cleaned, allow 1 day to find out whether there is still any expansion or shrinkage on other wood.

Once believed to be no expansion or shrinkage, the next step is to install a new wooden floor. Like the first way, coat the area to be parquet with glue until evenly distributed, let dry to glue perfectly. After the dry glue and then the parquet can be entered. First by placing one side to the locking mouth, if the other side has not entered it can use a wooden hammer and be struck slowly until new wooden floor can enter and lock with old parquet.

Please note, in replacing the wood floor with a new one. Then the motifs, hues and colors should be the same as the old wooden floor so there is no striking difference. And also the type of wood and dimensions should be the same as the old wooden floor. If there is no stock or stock in the warehouse has been exhausted can be replaced with other wooden models but cultivated colors are aligned and the last step done the finishing process for old parquet with a new look coherent or sanded and fully redefined.


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