Steps to Eliminate Termites

Termites are very annoying insects, this plague is very devastating for the furniture and wooden objects of our house, they can also affect the beams, it is important to give priority to the elimination of this plague, that is why in this article we bring you some tips to eliminate termites.

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Steps to Eliminate Termites

There are two types of termites, the subterranean ones that live on the humid earth, they are very difficult to find because they can not be seen with the naked eye, they attack in a devastating way any wooden structure, they are considered the most dangerous, because they cause damage under the wood to the point that you do not even notice because they are not visible.

The wood termites are the ones that leave a trace on the wood, they can be easily located because they leave holes in the wood. For all this it is essential that before any symptom of or evidence of this plague in the house, we recommend to go with experts in the control of pests in the home, they have the adequate knowledge to eliminate the termites.

Taking into account the aforementioned, follow these steps to the letter that will help you eliminate termites forever:

  1. We must eliminate the humidity of the house, termites develop in a humid environment, which is why we recommend repairing all pipes and faucets that are damaged and that have water leaks.
  2. In the same way there are ways that we can use to try to eliminate termites, recommending some home remedies that can be used. Boric acid is one of them, this antiseptic is sold in pharmacies and in addition to its pharmaceutical use is used against pests of ants and other insects.
  3. There are also pesticides and other commercially available chemicals that can be used to eliminate termites and also to prevent this horrible pest.

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