Techniques to Eliminate Termites

Identifying termites can become a difficult task since these small insects feed on wood in a very agile way, when we notice their presence they have already damaged a large part of the wood, which is why it is necessary to know certain techniques to eliminate them. termites before they take over all the wooden objects of our houses.

Techniques to Eliminate Termites

Before knowing the techniques to eliminate termites it is necessary to know what type of termites are found in our homes, there are two types, we have dry wood termites that are much more visible, since they choose a specific wooden object to live and feed from him, they create their colony inside that object which is easier to identify.

We also have subterranean termites, these are the most dangerous as they live under the ground creating large tunnels in the humid earth, which allows them a rapid expansion of the colony and feed on the wooden buildings but without leaving any hint of their existence.

Let’s know then the best techniques to eliminate termites in a fast and efficient way:

Remove Moisture

Termites are developed in humid environments, then among the techniques to eliminate termites we have to avoid humidity in our houses, repair pipes and taps is a great idea to prevent moisture accumulation.

Sodium Borate

Also known as Borax, it is ideal to finish termites quickly, you just need to mix a little with water and place it in a container with spray, then spray it on the different objects in a way, as well as in the surroundings of the house, getting Termites die of hunger because they do not have the microorganisms that allow them to process the celluloses of wood.

Pesticides or Other Chemical Products

If there is an aggressive infestation of termites the most recommended will be the use of chemical products, the most used is the liquid treatment spread on the foundations of the house, but it is important that it is handled by professionals since it is toxic products.

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