Termite Damage Repair

Termites are one of the worst enemies that one can find in their home. Many houses today are already made of cement, but some of the interior or exterior designs of other houses are made of wood. Having damages caused by termites in these precious homes, would be the last thing any homeowner wants to think about. But if this has already happened to you, you will have no choice but to face and repair the damage caused by termites.

Evaluate the level of damage that has been done to the house. Are the creatures in the initial stage? Are you planning a major attack on the biggest wood areas in my house? Are you preparing to invade your home? We would need an adequate intelligence report about their actions to mount the best counterattack and, finally, repair the damage caused by the termites.

If your forces have finished installing your base camps in your home as small termite trails, then it would be best to reinforce our defenses as soon as possible. Apply a special liquid substance to the wood that allows it to harden and make it impermeable to its lethal jaws. There are many products available in the market, and luckily it takes only a short trip to your local hardware store to secure the tactical positions of your wood.

If the wood has already been damaged, try to undercut the damaged parts using a chisel or anything that can be used to remove the areas where the termites have advanced. Use this strategy only if the wood remains fully functional after removing the damaged parts.

After removing the damaged part, use a wooden filler to restore the defenses. After applying the wood filler, use a sandpaper to scrape the irregular areas and mold it to return the wood to its original shape before the attack of the termites. It is recommended to use a paint that matches the paint used to completely eliminate the evidence of damage.

If the termites have damaged the wood too much, then it would be better to remove that part of its position. Cut the damaged wood from its place with a saw, and cut a small part around the wood in good condition, to ensure that no trace of damaged wood remains. Now replace that wood with another block of wood of the same size. You can use several small pieces of wood instead of a large piece if necessary.

Remember, if your house is made of wood, or if it has a significant area made of wood, then try to keep an eye on these little creatures at all times. It is usually easier to get rid of them before they can position themselves, instead of replacing the losses after they have already mounted an attack.

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