Termite Pest Control Pre-Construction Your House

The following termite pest control is the best way, known as the pre-construction rapport control method. Peroses done during the construction of houses or buildings by installing pipes that are easily controlled and maintenance actions can be done very effectively on a regular basis. This concept is ideal done with the cooperation of developers or contractors, making it a package to add value to sell, while protecting those who will occupy the building, avoid building undermined by the latent danger of termites.

Termite Control Pre-Construction

1. The first step that will be done is to inject active ingredients in all areas of the building when the soil is still empty. Injection was done by using active ingredients repelan with concentration dose 5 liter / m2.

2. The next stage is the installation of pipe system, using PVC pipe type with diameter 1/2 “mounted around the foundation wall with a maximum distance of 15cm from the foundation wall Pipe perforated with the distance of each hole as far as 30cm.In each hole is wrapped with wire mesh so as not with the soil or into the term (tunel) termites.

3. The next process is to apply the termite control stage after the building begins to stand. Spraying (spraying) on ​​walls, floors, ceilings, frames and all other materials, especially containing wood elements that allow to be visited by a group of termites. The active ingredients used for anti-termite spraying are non-rags.

4. After spraying on the wall is completed, followed by installation of in-door baiting and out-door baiting. In order for the termite population to be monitored with bik and easily inside the building and outside the building itself, such as open areas and parks.

5. In the area of ​​electrical installations, use powder-shaped active ingredients to prevent the occurrence of electric shock.

6. The last stage is to treat the garden and other open spaces. Our experience shows that the park installation process has great potential for termite removal in plants to occupy new locations. This process will be done two weeks after the park finished by doing injection of active ingredients are rapelan.


  • If the floor cast has been done, for the installation of the pipe we have to open the floor cast at the point required for the installation of the pipeline.
  • In order for anti-termite spraying can be done maximally, on the frame or part of the interior design of wood, preferably before the finishing process is done to prevent termite treatment. This process requires good cooperation with contractors, to provide maximum termite protection and long lasting
  • In-door and out-door baiting system is a bait that can invite termites. Contains active ingredients that can kill termites. If there is a termite population in the vicinity of the baiting area, the termite flock will arrive closer, entering into the baiting.
  • The concept of pre-construction termite control is the best way to avoid building a termite attack, our customers will get a five-year warranty.

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