Termite Pests

To fight against the dreaded termite plagues, we must know that termites are social insects that feed on cellulose found in wood and its derivatives. They can digest it thanks to the action of the protozoa of their digestive system, with those who live in symbiosis.

Termites present a serious problem due to their diet, Termites can damage unprotected buildings and any wooden structure. Termites not only feed on wood, they also use paper, cloth, carpets and other cellulosic materials, and materials used for construction such as soft plastics, plaster, rubber, sealants such as silicone rubber and acrylics.

The buildings should be constructed with physical barriers of materials resistant to termites such as steel, concrete, foundations or masonry, so that there are no hidden entrances. Although it has been shown that termites are capable of chewing soft plastic pipes and even metals such as lead, to take advantage of moisture.

There are a number of woods resistant to termites, but there is no species of tree in which each specimen has only immune woods, so even these types of wood can be attacked.

Detecting them is very complicated because they always remain hidden, feeding from the inside out. But there are a number of indications to which you must attend in order to warn a pest control professional to end termites, before further damage occurs.

  • If you find a swarm of termites, dead or alive, you are sure to have a plague of termites.
  • If you see flying termites, similar to flying ants, it means there is a swarm. Flying termites are attracted to light at night.
  • The termites usually make small holes, of 1 to 2 millimeters, to aerate the termite mound, and of those that hang laces that serve to cover the light and are formed by the same material that they use to cover the galleries.
  • Termites in stages of development lose their wings. Finding their wings or small balls of debris around the openings in the wood are sure signs of a plague of termites.
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