14 The Benefits of Queen Termites For The Human Body

Queen Termite? It turns out that not only bees have queens, but termites also have it. And how do we distinguish between queen termites and ordinary termites? Calm down, it’s easy to distinguish between them. Inside a termite colony there is only one queen. The other members of the colony consist of kings, nymphs, termites workers, termite warriors, and Winged Termites. The queen termite is a caterpillar the size of a little finger of an adult, white color, and fat body. Because the queen termite lives in a separate place with termites the worker makes this queen difficult to find.

Usually the queen lives in a lump made of soil and sticks firmly in the core of the termite nest. He was at the core of his nest during his life just to lay his eggs until his death. The queen termite is able to live for decades, usually 20 years or more. Apparently the longevity is also yes the queen. The queen termite has many medicinal properties. To more easily consume queen termites are often processed into capsules. However, in some areas there are consuming the queen termite alive. Then, what are the benefits of queen termites? Let’s see the reviews. The queen termite is believed to have many benefits as well as in curing various diseases. Among them as described below:

Protein Source – Queen termites have a high protein content. A paleontologist says that termites have a higher nutrient content than beef steaks per 100 grams. Even in Thailand there are those who are willing to queue long to get a small plate of food made from various insects.

Hypertension – Hypertension is characterized by blood pressure that exceeds the normal limit. To lower blood pressure usually we will consume cucumber, starfruit, or other. If we do not find it, queen termites can be an alternative to lower blood pressure.

Cholesterol – Cholesterol is a fat content in the blood. Actually cholesterol is not a disease, it’s just the excessive amount of cholesterol to cause various health problems. Therefore, if the cholesterol level has exceeded the normal threshold should be immediately given cholesterol-lowering drugs. One that can be used is queen termite.

Body Supplements – Termites especially queen termites are foods rich in protein and can be used as body supplements. This is because protein can help the body’s defense by forming anti-body substances. Thus, queen termites help boost the immune system.

Growth and Development – One of the functions of protein is to help growth and development so that in children, adolescents, and pregnant women it is important to consume protein-rich foods. One good source of protein is queen termites.

Medicines Skin – Skin diseases such as ringworm, and acne can be cured by consuming queen termites.

Treating Eyes – The queen termite can be used to treat the eyes. How can? This turned out not to be separated from the protein content in it. Proteins play a role in mediating cell responses. One of them is rhodopsin used in vision.

Diabetes – Diabetes is a disease caused by high levels of sugar in the blood either caused by lack of insulin production or lack of body response to detect the presence of insulin in the body. Queen termites can also help lower blood sugar levels.

Uric Acid – Uric acid arises from a pile of lactic acid that can cause pain. This lactic acid pile is usually on the hands and feet. Everyone must have uric acid because it is a by-product of the body’s metabolism. To reduce high uric acid in the body can take advantage of queen termite by taking them regularly.

Tired and lethargic – Body that is not fit is characterized by weariness and lethargy. Queen termites can be utilized to increase body vitality. This is because the queen termite contains a high protein that can help in the transport of cells such as hemoglobin that carries oxygen throughout the body. With a smooth flow of oxygen, the body will become more fit.

Prostate – With age, a man will be prone to interference with the prostate. This disease is a scourge for men and often appears when they reach their 40s. For men do not worry, because queen termite can be used to treat this disease. For prevention, better queen termites are also consumed when the condition of the body is still healthy.

Waist Pain – It turns out by consuming a queen termite can relieve pain in the waist. Back pain is usually felt by many adults, especially those who are elderly.

Hair and Leather Beauty – The queen termite as a protein source has the function of building, strengthening, and replacing or repairing tissues. In other words, if there is a network of damaged hair and skin such as broken rash and scaly dry skin then the protein will fix it so it looks more beautiful.

Helping Bone and Muscle Formation – An important role of protein is its ability to help bone and muscle formation. The queen termite is one of the high protein food sources. Thus, queen termites can help the process of bone and muscle formation.

The many benefits of the queen termite described above. To consume this queen termite in capsule form may not be difficult, but what if someone wants to consume it alive? To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose a queen termite whose condition is still good. Normally a good queen termite has a fat, white body
  • Cut the head of the queen termite and pay attention to the cleanliness before swallowing
  • Swallow the queen termite without chewing

It’s easy to consume queen termites. So, for the house made a termite nest do not be sad first. Take advantage of them, take his queen, get his usefulness, and destroy his generation. However, for those who are disgusted with termites it may be better to consume queen termites in capsule form. Do not forget also, something is consumed in excess is not good. So, use queen termite wisely.

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