Termites, The Invisible Enemies

The riverside of Manubles has been tormented thanks to the influence of termites, this riverbank is on the border between Aragon and Castile, after the attack on many houses, these small insects have threatened the structure of the churches of Torrelapaja, Berdejo and Bijuesca.

The battle of Manubles against the termites

For some years, a strong battle has been fought on the border between Aragon and Castile against an enemy that, although tiny, is deadly, at least for all wooden constructions, termites. The inhabitants of the towns of Torrelapaja, Berdejo and Bijuesca, located in the region of Calatayud, suffer the scourge of a plague of termites and other wood consuming insects, which have put their homes at serious risk and then structures and elements. of the churches.

Of course, the damages caused by these animals have caused the inhabitants to pay all kinds of treatments with the money from their own pockets, likewise the deterioration of the public buildings has not been completely stopped due to the lack of resources that suffer from said localities whose population levels are relatively low.

Which buildings have been most affected by termites?

The town that has been most affected is Torrelapaja, a town that has a small number of inhabitants, in this place several houses, the Town Hall and the church itself have serious problems caused by these insects; according to the mayor “the affected area is a neighborhood of houses next to the Town Hall and the church”.

The five houses and the church that are attacked by termites, are located in the main street, have been affected two houses in the square, to this list should be added the Gothic church of San Millán, which has been declared as Well of Cultural Interest, although the temple still preserves the floor of the platform, under this termites have spread to infect a large part of the valuable altarpieces.

The chapel that has been most affected is that of the Virgin of Malanca, whose altarpieces perfectly show the damage they have suffered thanks to the action of these small and noxious insects.

A specialized company in Bilbao has been sought for the realization of a budget for the parish, with the purpose that this can control the plague, the study was taken at the end of the previous year, this report included the damages caused by the termites and the woodworm and to solve them was recommended a treatment that should last about five years, such treatment must be done through baits.

The most serious damages have been found in said altarpiece, in the cupboards of the sacristy and on the platform of one of the confessionals, even though the damages have not been limited only to the church.

The main work has been to obtain the necessary money to carry out these treatments to solve the damage caused by termites in this Council City.

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