The Best Tips to Fight Termites

Termites are insects considered true pests for the damage they have caused to important buildings of wood, furniture, works of arts and any object derived from wood. The reason why termites feed on wood is because their digestive system is designed to process the cellulose contained in the wood, which allows them to survive. It is very difficult to identify when a wooden object is invaded by termites, because on the surface you can see quite well but internally it is deteriorated, so thinking about your wooden possessions today we want to show you the best tips to fight termites. a simple and safe way.

The Best Tips to Fight Termites

Termites like all insects have some rejection towards some aromas or natural components so they can be repelled in a natural way without the need for chemical products, among the best tips to combat termites we have the following:

Repellent With Cloves and Cinnamon

You can create a natural repellent to place all over your house avoiding that termites enter to damage your wooden belongings, in small bags of fabric preferably for the aroma can come out easily, place cloves, cinnamon powder and black pepper, It will provide a pleasant smell to your home and these annoying insects will keep their distance.

Orange and Camphor Husks

Among the best tips to fight termites we have orange peels and camphor, the combination of these two aromas are ideal to scare away termites, put them in small containers and distribute them in cupboards, drawers, libraries and any other wooden furniture.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Another great idea to keep termites away is to clean each wooden object with essential oil of mint and eucalyptus, this will create a protective barrier on the surface that will prevent termites from entering.

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