The Facts About Winged Termites and Termites

Laron (winged termites) that came out at the beginning of the rainy season is one of the life cycle of termites that are insects from the Orthoptera order. Termites are part of the ecosystem in life that has the duty to eat dry wood or dead wood. But for humans termites are also called as a harmful pest because often eat wood that became the building material or other household furniture and this time bloggers will discuss Facts about Laron (winged termites)  and Termites.

Laron (winged termites)  exits at the beginning of the rainy season called also anai-anai, this Laron (winged termites)  out at dusk or night. The habits of the Laron (winged termites)  always flood lights or places of light. Laron (winged termites)  will cover the house or living room lights with the number of thousands to millions. This is certainly very annoying because the house so dirty full of Laron (winged termites)  hairs scattered in the yard on the veranda of the house in the living room plus ants that covered the carcass of the larvae. So usually in anticipation by turning out the lights, and provide a basin filled with water in the center of the candle, but that’s not our talk we focus on the facts talk about Laron (winged termites)  and Termites

Termites that make underground colonies at the beginning of the rainy season where the soil is moist, some of the mature termites will wing and then emerge from the nest to the surface of the ground and swarm the lights. According to the tale he said termite was his goal towards the moon to hold a contest. Before departing termites collected in a room inside the nest and directed by the king and queen. kiara-guess the words of the king “Hi my people today I am inaugurating the departure of the first wave of termites that have grown (Winged Termites) to explore the outside world by flying into the light of the place you are in please to find a partner and for those who Survivors are not eaten by predators, frogs, lizards, small reptile reptile lizards excluding dragons and crocodiles as well as humans (because in certain areas Winged Termites used as food). Then the couple is entitled to be king and queen to form a new colony “. Then simultaneously crowded with the number of millions flying out of the hole. Read Also : How To Remove Wood Termites On Door Frame

But their fate of all kinds they mostly die so prey other animals such as ants, lizards, frogs, cat lizards. Some are flying up high in the air so preyed by crows, swallows or bats. Most fly in the lights while looking for a partner call it a party looking for a mate, who managed to get the pair will take off their wings and then go hand in hand to find a hole in the ground as a honeymoon. After they lay their eggs then form a new colony after their child many of them are crowned king and queen termite.

The facts about Laron (winged termites)  and Termites, that Termites are social beings such as ants and bees means creatures that do not live alone but live in a society called colonies.

Termites in English are also called white ants (white ants). Living in colonies in holes beneath the surface of the soil and not limited to geographical location of forest, village or city anywhere termites always exist because it was mentioned earlier that termites are part of the ecosystem of life have the duty as decomposers of carbon derived from dead wood including materials building. Read Also : Know the Facts and How to Drive Winged Termites from Your Home

In each termite colony has castes ranging from kings and queens as the leader of the task of producing eggs. The termite of the warrior whose head is largely responsible for guarding the nest and the safety of the queen and king from other insects such as ants. Termites whose head is smaller as workers in charge of finding food in the form of dry wood, serving the queen that feeding, cleaning, nurturing eggs and farming mushrooms. Mushrooms deliberately cultivated by termites the result for food sources other than the dry wood of this fungal termite colony is white hollow resembling foam or sponge.

Various human endeavors are carried out to root out termites for the reason that termites are as pests. By using various pesticides as well as termite toxins. But the excessive use of termite toxins can lead to environmental damage is also dangerous for humans themselves.

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