The Presence of Queen and Black Ants

There is also a season where the presence of the Queen and the Black Ants ant. Usually in the rainy seasons as it is today that often happens to lay in large quantities like the word “Explosion attack” from during the dry season, but from the number of eggs that will be present and turned into black winged ants also from some eggs it will hatch and present the queen candidates.

For you ants breeders if not harvested or if they do not have time to harvest that has been produced and ant egg  already in a state already hatch into black winged ants you do not have to worry about the circumstances that occur like this because all of this can be solved easily.

Black ants present in box  or other media are normally normal size, almost the same as other ants in general, these black ants are winged males, these ants are ants whose lifetime is short or long.

After this ant marries the queen then this ant will die by itself. In addition to the main task of marrying queen ants or queen ants, all will serve as surveyors of new locations that will be used for the residence of the colony ants (new nests) and other ants.

The difference in these male ants can not feed themselves and eat whole drinks is handed over by colonies, worker ants and female nurse ants as suppliers. Meanwhile, to know the characteristics of the ant of the queen candidate is often also called or known bigger body also has a green wings, it requires selection of the colonies of ants that exist to lift him into queen, when both wings are broken then it has been lifted into queen which the colonists will be fully and passionately protected by engulfing the queen all over his body. The goal is to protect the queen from attacks from outside the other colonies.


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