The Things a Termite Can Do

In our house it is possible that we have a very serious problem and we do not realize, in this case we talk about termites, these are some small insects that devour any type of wood and even beams and often when we realize their presence It is too late, they will have consumed much of the wood and this is not all that a termite can do.

Termites have the ability to enter buildings, causing serious damage to their structure. They are practically invisible to the human being, as they move across the earth and begin their destructive work from the bottom up, which means that what a termite can do is not something we should neglect.

They represent a considerable threat since they can appear at any time of year, it is estimated that in a year they can cause very expensive damages, it is estimated that termites are responsible for causing damages of around two million dollars in human properties and that most These damages are not covered by the owners insurance policies.

What a termite can do is so destructive that if we neglect it is possible that we have problems with justice, we have seen cases of engineers who after starting a construction can be victims of the attack of termites in less than a week and that of not take precautions to avoid it can be sued by those who inhabit the building.

In conclusion, this is all a termite can do:

  • Destroy the wood.
  • Deteriorate all kinds of wooden objects.
  • Damage construction beams.
  • Weaken any construction.
  • They bring diseases to your family.
  • They are disgusting.
  • They can make you lose a lot of money if you do not treat them on time.

It is important that we maintain a constant review of everything that is wood in our home, the best attack we have in our hands is prevention, there are various ways and products that can be used to combat this plague. One of the best prevention measures is to place boric acid at the base of the construction, consider that what a termite can do is not to ignore, they can even destroy a house completely if it is not attacked in time.

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