Treating For Termites in a House

The presence of termites at home is a nightmare for every homeowner. Unfortunately, this problem is common in Indonesia because of the humid air and the use of wood at home both as a skeleton of building and furniture. You should check regularly wooden items at home to find out where termites exist. Find out how to cope with termites with natural ingredients if the termite problem is not too severe. Get rid of termites as soon as you find them, do not delay them!

Treating For Termites in a House

The first step to eradicate termites is to find the nest. The types of termites that are often found in Indonesia are wood-eating termites that often nest in wooden goods at home. Termites love to nest in damp places like under-the-kitchen sinks and door frames adjacent to damp floors. Signs of the presence of termites:

  • Wooden furniture feels porous, hollow, and brittle when tapped.
  • Dust-like dirt around the door / window and near the furniture or in the wood cabinet.

If you find termites at home, here are some ways to kill termites with toxic substances:

  • Cardboard traps. Take a piece of used cardboard, drip it with a little water until it is damp and the roll resembles a pipe. Damp cardboard spreads a distinctive woody smell that attracts termites. Place it near signs of the presence of termites. Once the termites collect in the trap, lift the trap out of the house and burn it. Create a new trap until the termite is resolved.
  • Dry in the sun. This method can be used if termites are found in furniture that is easily removed. Remove the furniture that is attacked by termites, drying in the sun for two to three days.
  • Neem oil and citrus oil. This is one way of eradicating termites in safe cabinets because they are poison free. This material is safe for use in kitchen cabinets. The d-limonene content in orange oil will ward off termites when in direct contact, as well as neem oils that are natural pesticides. Termites will stop eating the wood and not lay eggs again after contact with this oil so that the number of termites will drop dramatically. The trick, dab oil on cotton and wipe on cabinets or furniture. Repeat once a week if necessary.
  • Diatomaceous earth. The material that can be purchased at this gardening store is also called diatomic soil and is a natural enemy of termites because this material erodes the outer layer of termites and causes dehydration. Sprinkle thinly in areas where termites are found or in areas outside the home to prevent termites from entering. Sprinkle also in the attic to prevent termites eating roof frames. Make sure the diatomaceous ground remains dry.
  • Vinegar and lemon juice. A mixture of these two kitchen materials is also a way of removing toxin-free termites. Squeeze two lemons and mix them with half a cup of vinegar. Insert it into the spray bottle and spray it into the area attacked by termites. Repeat until termites disappear.

Some of the above are efficient enough for termite problems that are not too severe, but how to repel termites with chemicals with the help of professional services is sometimes necessary to overcome the problem of termites acute.

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