Treatment For Control of Termites In Vila

Vila has been in charge of carrying out the improvement of its vila to open it to the public during the last months, this city council has awarded at least some $ 620,458 Euros to the rehabilitation works that will be carried out in this structure, in its services and in its access areas, these works include the restoration of the internal structure, the façade and the control of termites.

Rehabilitation of the Vila for the control of termites.

The city council has awarded about $ 620,458 Euros for the rehabilitation of the Vila, the money has been delivered to the Vila for the work of structural adaptation of the place, the location of an elevator and the commissioning of the nucleus of services of the place, in addition to the control of termites, this building is cataloged as Bé Cultural d’Interès Nacional.

Although the works have already begun, it is expected that they will be completed towards the beginning of next summer and that therefore the building can be opened to the public in the not too distant future.

These works have been carried out thanks to the contribution of 1 percent cultural of the Central Government, which was agreed through an agreement with Acesa, the completion of this agreement has ended up providing $ 600,000 to the rehabilitation project, the rest part of the budget shall be borne by the city council, which shall use its own resources for the completion of the works.

Manuela Moya, the councilor of Urbanisme, Medi Natural i Serveis Públics has explained the following: “The situation is what it is, but we must direct an optimistic look towards the horizon”, which assures that “it is very important that we are prepared for when things start to come back. “

Agreements for the maintenance of the Vila

Now it is time to improve access and mobility, however the first place in which the work has been done is on the roofs, which were replaced with the purpose of guaranteeing the tightness and stopping a bit the deterioration that has come suffering the construction, the treatment for the control of termites is also included in the repair project occupying a very important place in this, as this will avoid the increase in damage to the infrastructure; The restoration of the facade has also been carried out.

On the other hand, at the beginning of the summer the session and Repsol signed an agreement in which they made the agreement in which they ensure the continuity of the process of rehabilitation of the facilities; This project will include both the works that have already been executed so far and also those that will be carried out over the next months, closures, facilities and services, as well as air conditioning, equipment and termite control.

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