What do Termites Look Like

Many Asked What is Termites? Termite is one of the wood-eating insects. The following Specifications Full.

One of the most famous and annoying animals is termites. Termites are often attacked without realizing by humans, so many feel furious if at home there is already a small animal on this one. Many of us can directly identify the animal is termite or not, but if then asked what is termite, not a few who feel confused. Are you too? If so, do not go anywhere, because now is the time for you to know what the termites really are.

Termites are animals that are actually animals that are suspected to be older than humans since they existed since 200 years ago. In the wild, termites are very useful in relation to its role in decomposing plant nutrients that have died into a fertile soil. But the role will actually disappear altogether if termites exist in the environment where humans live because this animal will play pests that damage wood and various furniture made of wood. Uniquely, these termites belong to animals that are difficult to control even if the house we live in is the house of the wall. What is article? Because in the construction of your house must use the supporting factors of building components in the form of wood or other materials containing cellulose. Well, these termites are eating away from the inside of the wood so that its existence is difficult to detect unless the damage caused is severe enough.

What is Termite? and Termites Is …

Well, so you better understand about termites themselves, let’s look at some things about termites that exist below:

  • Inside the colony, termites exist that do not have any sayatp, but some of them work to the extent that they can have wings and will come out of their nests when the start of the rainy season
  • Termites like to live in dark places with warm temperatures because these termites actually can not stand the light
  • Just like bees and ants, termites exist that colonize and have their own positions, such as kings and queens in charge of breeding, then there are termite groups of warriors who have a claw or a sting on the head whose function is to protect themselves from the enemy, and there are also termite groups of workers who are tasked to form nests both on wood and on land and foraging
  • Termites consist of several types that are even estimated to be more than 120 kinds. However, the more familiar and often found are the types that are listed below:
    • Termites of land are social animals and usually enjoy grouping. Usually colonies in large numbers and live below ground level
    • Termites of damp wood that feed on decayed wood and usually lodge in soils that have low humidity
    • Dry wood termites are usually present in the timber structure

In addition, you need to know also that these termites always eat within 24 hours and 7 days so that if you find termites in your house, you must immediately take action so that the damage does not get worse.

Okay, so the paper is about what termites are. Hopefully the information we convey above can be a reference that can increase your knowledge, and hopefully useful.

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