Winged Ants vs Winged Termites

Winged Ants vs Winged Termites – From the arrival of good weather and after the fall of rain, it usually coincides with the departure of winged termites or flying termites.

They appear inside the houses or outside, next to the facades of the houses, like a swarm.

We do not give importance to this since we usually think that they are flying ants. They can be but sometimes we are wrong and they can be flying termites.

The termites with wings are the reproductive breed. They do not cause damage to the wood but they can form new termite mounds if they find the right conditions.

For Winged Termites is easier to form a termite mound in a garden, with moisture, as they need to be buried. Inside a house is more complicated, although they can form a termite nest if they get into a crack.

It is important to distinguish between winged termites and winged ants, to know if I have flying termites or are ants with wings.

How to know if they are winged termites or flying ants?

If you have observed that you have flying termites or termites with wings at home, do not hesitate, request an inspection by a company of termite experts.

You can also find out if you have termites at home by identifying the attacks that this wood-eating insect causes. In the following link you can see photos of termite attacks: how to detect termites

Winged termites indicate that the termite mound is mature.

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